5 ways you can make your weekend get together more fun with carrom.

5 ways you can make your weekend get together more fun with carrom.

Carrom has always been the most popular indoor board game across India. It is a board game where the players have to pocket white, black and red coins to win a game. The game has been so popular in this country that people organise tournaments with cash prizes locally. But in the last two years, like many other games, playing carrom with family and friends has become difficult due to the pandemic. People have stopped conducting tournaments, and this game has also become risky due to social distancing norms.

Fortunately, by the time the pandemic arrived in our country, we already had a solution in front of us. The increasing popularity of the internet has given rise to multiple online gaming platforms and apps. GetMega is one such online multiplayer gaming app where you can easily enjoy playing online from cash. Just like how you used to play carrom in real life, in this platform, you can play the game virtually, but with a twist, GetMega gives you the opportunity to play and earn. Moreover, unlike any other gaming platform where you receive rewards only after winning a match, GetMega truly is an exception. 

About carrom cash

t won’t be an exaggeration to say that carrom like darts is the most popular and entertaining board game in India. In this game, you have to aim and strike the coins with a particular striker in order to put them in their designated pockets. The coins used in this game are of three colours white, black and red. The player who can send most of the coins, including the red ones, wins the match.

The game can be played between two to four players, and the individual or group with the most points wins the game. The white and black coins are assigned the same points, but the red coin is the most valuable coin in terms of points, and a single red coin exists in every match. If you pocket a red coin, then you will also have to cover it by pocketing another coin simultaneously. Playing online carrom cash can be an exciting and entertaining game for you to test your precision, skill and strategy. 

Make your weekend more entertaining by playing carrom in the online gaming platform GetMega.

Why should you play carrom in GetMega?

There are multiple online gaming apps and platforms in Google Play Store and App Store where you can easily play the multiplayer carrom cash. But playing carrom cash in GetMega can prove to be different from the rest of them. There are multiple play to earn platforms where you can only get rewards by first putting money in the game, and it is very unlikely that you will get your money back and earning more can prove to be very difficult for you. Rewards are very rare, and getting cash prizes are erratic. But with GetMega, everything changes, the rewards given in this platform are not only based on winning but also on participation. So you can earn a lot of money while showing off your carrom skills.

Apart from that, you will find 100 percent verified players on this platform. Whoever signs up for GetMega has to go through age verification and identity verification process in order to proceed further in the platform. There are no bots allowed. You also need to verify your bank account through KYC in order to be eligible for instant withdrawal. Yes, you heard it right GetMega allows their users to instantly withdraw their money from the GetMega wallet after they have received the money from the match.

5 ways you can make your weekend promisingly fun with carrom cash

Win cash while playing

The best way to make your weekend more fun and entertaining is to play and earn money at the same time. Moreover, GetMega lets you earn by participating and winning the games. Playing carrom cash will be most entertaining for you while you showcase your gaming skill with utmost expertise.

Entertain yourself while exercising your mind

Even though playing carrom cash can be confined to your mobile screens, the entertainment you will get won’t be in any way lesser than real life. You can also exercise your mind while playing the game. Having a strong strategy and good reflexes is important while playing carrom cash. This online board game can improve your cognitive and competitive abilities as well as develop your brain muscles. While you are thinking that you are getting entertainment out of this game, unknowingly, you are also exercising your brain.

Upgrade your concentration level

In this game, you have to aim properly before striking a coin. Your chances to win the game is very much dependent upon your precision and angle of the strike. While you are playing this game online, you are not able to change your stance or posture. That means you need to put your utmost focus when you are striking the coin. This way, your concentration level increases while you are having fun. 

Socialise while playing

Playing carrom cash online can be a good way to socialise. GetMega has a chat and video calling feature through which you can communicate with your fellow participants and increase your social skills. Moreover, you can also learn the skills and strategies of your fellow opponents and apply them wherever applicable.

Play with your friend and family

Carrom cash can also be played with your family members and friends. Just like you used to play this game with your favourite game buddies, you will also be able to do the same online using multiplayer gaming platforms such as GetMega.

With the help of online gaming platforms, enjoying our favourite indoor and outdoor games has become easier and more entertaining. Additionally, GetMega is a platform where you can not only enjoy playing games but at the same time win monetary rewards for both participating and winning. So use your gaming skills to their fullest and enjoy the games. And don’t forget to socialise with your fellow players while you are at it.

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