Wicanders Cork Review: Full Guide To Your New Flooring 2021

Wicanders Cork Review: Full Guide To Your New Flooring 2021

If you are considering new flooring for your home, this Wicanders cork review is for you! Cork flooring has many benefits, and Wicanders has been positioned as a market leader in cork floorings.

Because floorings are such an important part of your home aesthetics and an investment, normally, you want the best for your money.

My review will help you determine whether Wicanders cork floors are the right choice.
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Before you hop on the Wicanders website and be amazed by the look of the cork floor, read the following guide to see more about the quality and value of Wicanders cork!

Is Wicanders Cork Worth Buying?

Wicanders cork floors are a suitable choice for residential use. The brand took all-natural benefits of cork as a flooring material and improved by adding multiple layers and protective coatings.

Wicanders cork floors offer great value for the money and some of the features of more expensive materials, such as noise reduction, thermal insulation and good look. These floors are an affordable option and come in a huge variety of styles.

However, if you install Wicanders cork floors, be prepared to refurbish them or replace them after a decade or so. The soft material is prone to dents, so the lifespan depends on the level of use.

If you live in high-humidity areas, you might want to skip Wicanders cork floors because of their ability to shrink caused by humidity changes.

What Is Wicanders Cork Floor?

Wicanders cork floorings is a multilayered floor made from natural material cork. The brand went further from the traditional cork floor and added layers to improve comfort, durability, noise reduction and other features.

In general, cork flooring features construction made from the bark of a cork oak tree. In the manufacturing process, the bark is ground and pressed into sheets before other processes.

Wicanders cork flooring is a type of engineered floor, and it comes pre-finished in panels of different sizes. Because of the micro-beveling engineering on all four sides of the cork panels, the installation is simple, and then you’ll get the extra depth between the panels.

Wicanders has over a century-long tradition in manufacturing flooring, and they pioneered sustainable flooring manufacturing.

Additionally, the floorings have Greenguard Gold certification. It guarantees low chemical emissions, so the floors are safe to use in different indoor environments.

Cork floor is great for apartments with pets because it won’t it is easy to clean, odorless and holds well against liquids

Wicanders Floating Cork Vs Stick Down Cork Tiles

In general, there are two types of cork floorings, both offered by Wicanders – floating cork and cork tiles.

The primary difference is the installation. To install cork tiles, you have to use glue to secure the tiles on the subfloor. The floating floor consists of panels designed to lock together, for a simple, cost-effective and mess-free installation.

Wicanders floating cork floor is also easier to replace after the time leaves traces of wear and tear. You can either replace the entire floor to revamp flooring in the whole room or replace the damaged panel. There is no glue or nailing to remove.

Not only are the floating Wicanders floating cork floorings easier to install, but they are also more environmentally friendly because of the absence of glue.

Let’s see this video to know more:

Watch video: Installing cork floor tiles with glue

Wicanders Cork Features

Wicanders company has built a reputation on quality products, great marketing and good availability across the country and worldwide. Let’s dive into the features of cork floorings that make the Wicanders floor so special.

Impact Resistance

As I already mentioned, the bark is grounded and pressed into panels, which makes them quite resistant to different impacts. Wicanders cork flooring is soft and has bouncy properties, which improves shock absorption.

Compared to some other flooring types, such as ceramics and laminate, cork responds to shocks well. The resistance prolongs the lifespan and makes it more comfortable to walk on in everyday situations.

Noise Reduction

Cork has natural noise reduction properties. It can absorb between 30 to 70% of noise within the 400 to 4000 Hz frequency range. Therefore, all cork floors, including Wicanders, serve as natural soundproofing methods in two ways.

The floor reduces walking noises, and cuts noise between the upper and the room underneath. Therefore, if you have a large, multiple-floor house, Wicanders floorings might provide the necessary privacy.

According to Wicanders, their cork floors have better walking noise reduction than laminate floors, for 53%.

Also, walking on the cork floor produces a more pleasant noise. Because of the bouncy properties, there aren’t squeaky sounds. Also, there is no glue, so it cannot loosen up and cause panels to creak when you walk on them.

Skip to minute one to check the sound test of Wicanders flooring and others. Let’s see this video to know more:

Watch video: O2E Wicanders Cork Flooring

Suitable For Light Commercial Areas

Some flooring types are better suited for residential use. Standard cork flooring isn’t suited for commercial use. However, Wicanders makes a special product – Hydrocork flooring, with a cork base and protective layer on top.

This type of Wicanders cork floor is comfortable, suitable for commercial use and stable. It isn’t suitable for large hales and industrial use.

Let’s see this video to know more:

Watch video: How do you install a Hydrocork

Thermal Insulation

When you think about new floors, you want them to be warm during the winter and comfortable during summer. Cork has natural thermal insulation properties – it doesn’t get too hot during summer, but it keeps pleasant, warm temperatures during the winter.

It is especially useful for people who live in colder climates. Because Wicanders cork maintains pleasant temperatures, there is no heat loss. Therefore, the energy costs are lower.

Cork floors, including Wicanders, are a good choice for radiant floor heating systems. The floor will warm up slowly. Then, it will release the warmth gradually over time, maintaining the optimal temperatures for longer.

Environmentally Friendly

During Wicanders cork flooring manufacturing, the trees aren’t cut or damaged. The entire bark harvesting process is sustainable, as it is part of the cyclical process that prevents the oak from deforestation because it helps the tree to regenerate.  The Environmental Product Declaration guarantees that Wicanders cork flooring is made in an environmentally friendly process.

Further, the German Cork Association guarantees cork quality. The cork products by Wicanders have international certifications – Greengard for indoor safety, Tüv-Proficert for low VOC emissions. Lastly, the products have French certification A+ for environmental impact.


Because cork is resistant to mold and mildew for prolonged periods, it performs well in contact with water. But, standard cork floorings aren’t suitable for homes with pets that aren’t taught to do their business outside.

But, Wicanders cork has special coatings that make them resistant to moisture and pet urine.


Lastly, cork is a fire retardant by nature, because it contains suberin. Even if your Wicanders cork flooring gets caught on fire, it will release less smoke than every other flooring type. While combusting, Wicanders cork floors don’t emit toxic gasses.

Wicanders Cork Categories

You can choose among 50+ cork flooring styles by Wicanders. All of them are divided into two categories, to match the needs of all users despite their style preferences and budget.

Cork Go

The Cork Go category includes 22 styles of budget-friendly floorings. The panels have two layers and offer moderate insulation and soundproofing properties.

The floorings come with an impressive 10-year warranty, which is something you wouldn’t expect for the price you pay.

The 22 available styles differ from light, neutral to dark and warm. My favorite styles are elegant Identity Champagne, with neutral tones and grain, and Addict for slightly warmish tones, perfect for common rooms.

Cork Essence

Cork Essence is an improved line of Wicanders cork floorings. It offers 35 sophisticated styles, suitable for domestic and light commercial use.

The floorings have a multilayered structure and come with a 15-year warranty. The Cork Essence floorings are more expensive than Cork Go, but they are more durable.

From this category, I recommend Fashionable Antique White, for the lovely tones.

Installing floating cork floor is simple – no need for professional installation

Where Can You Install Wicanders Cork Floor?

Wicanders cork floors are versatile and suitable for residential use in all rooms.

They work great in entrances because cork is easy to clean, and warm tones and sophisticated cork styles improve the interior of the living room.

Because of the bouncy properties and soundproofing, mold and mildew resistance, Wicanders floors can be a safe choice for nurseries and bedrooms.

You shouldn’t install it in the bathroom, sauna or any continuously wet room. Despite moderate water resistance properties, other floorings are a better choice for the bathroom.

Wicanders Cork Flooring Installation

You can install Wicanders cork floor by yourself, without additional costs for professional installation. Generally, Wicanders floors can go on top of any hard surfaces, such as wood and ceramic tiles. But, you have to remove soft subfloors and carpets before installation.

Because the Wicanders floors come in planks, each plank has slight variations in shade and pattern. Before you lay down the floor planks, shuffle them for a better shade blend.

Wicanders floorings come with detailed installation instructions, and won’t take you a lot of time for a room of medium size. Also, Wicanders floors are easy to uninstall.

Let’s see this video to know more:

Watch video: Installing Wicanders floating cork floor with a locking system

Wicanders Cork Flooring Benefits

Cork floorings by Wicanders are designed to enhance the natural benefits of cork and improve the user experience. Let’s inspect the most important benefits of Wicanders cork floorings!


Cork is a natural material that has a high concentration of suberin. Suberin is similar to wax, and holds the ground cork together, by preventing dust build-up, mold, mildew.

Therefore, Wicanders cork floors are suitable for people with respiratory allergies and asthma. It isn’t irritating, so people with pets and children can safely install it in their homes.


Wicanders offers a wide range of styles and colors suitable for people with different budgets. It is less expensive than hardwood floors and has some features of more expensive materials.

For example, you can get soundproofing and insulation features at lower prices.

Additionally, because you can install it yourself, there are no costs for professional installation.

If you want to save money, you install cork flooring in the bedroom and invest more money into rooms with high traffic


Wicanders cork floorings have been coated with resistance coating, which makes them suitable for heavy-duty use. Because of the coating and natural cork properties, the floors can last years without signs of wear and tear.

The water and fire cannot easily damage the floor, and you can replace only damaged planks.

All you have to do to ensure durability is to use a floor sweeper once a week to remove dust, or vacuum, and mop with appropriate products.


Wicanders cork floors have a lot to offer to the user, in terms of shades and textures. You can easily find flooring style for you, whichever home decor you prefer – minimalistic, modern, traditional, etc.

The different shades and textures of the floor are easy to mix with the furniture and the home decor you already have.

Wicanders floors are an excellent choice for all rooms in your home, except the bathroom and garage or basement. It means that you can revamp all floors in your home at medium prices and in the style you prefer.


Wicanders cork flooring is comfortable to walk on, and alongside soundproofing and insulation, it guarantees a cozy home atmosphere. Additionally, the material is soft, so there is less risk of joint pain.

Simple Maintenance

Wicanders floors are easy to clean with a microfiber mop and vacuum cleaner. The floors won’t scratch or scuff easily, and the stains are relatively easy to remove. You can use a standard Bona wood cleaning product or any mild soap and water to maintain the floor.

Because of the bounciness and softness, cork floors are perfect for kids rooms

Wicanders Cork Disadvantages

Before you start choosing your Wicanders cork flooring style, check the drawbacks.

Temperature Sensitivity

Despite the great manufacturing process and resistance coatings, Wicanders cork retains the cork temperature sensitivity. Cork changes its texture according to the changes in the temperature, so it can slightly shrink. Therefore, it might not be the best option for people living in hot and humid areas.


Similar to hardwood floors, Wicanders cork flooring is susceptible to fading or yellowing over time. Unfortunately, fading isn’t even, so after a few years, the surfaces that have been exposed to sunlight can fade in places. It can cause an uneven look.


Essentially, Wicanders cork floors are highly comfortable because of their soft structures. But, the softness can cause dents in some areas which might not look pleasant. Additionally, dents on the floor can cause other planks to deteriorate sooner.


Wicanders cork floors work the best on perfectly leveled floors. Therefore, if your floors aren’t level, the cork planks will deteriorate sooner, bend or dent. To prevent that you may need to fix the subfloor, which adds to the price.

Wicanders Cork Floorings: Solid Choice, But…

With all the great benefits of Wicanders cork floorings and a variety of looks, it is difficult to stay immune. These cork floors by a global flooring leader are quality and suitable for home use. Potential drawbacks, such as fading, can be prevented with mats and carpets.

But, Wicanders cork floors aren’t suitable for heavy commercial use, high humidity areas, and wet rooms.

For every other application, you will probably be happy with your new floors. You will save money so you can continue with other home renovating projects!

Did my guide help you decide on Wicanders cork floorings? Which style do you prefer?

If you find the article interesting, please like it and share it so more people can solve their dilemma about Wicanders cork floorings.

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