Why Investing in a Solar Rooftop System in 2022 is a Good Idea

Why Investing in a Solar Rooftop System in 2022 is a Good Idea?

What is a solar rooftop?

Rooftop solar panels are the best way to convert solar energy, which would otherwise be lost, into electricity. Solar Rooftops are roofs that have been modified in this way to hold PV modules.

Indian Solar Rooftop

The rapid spread of solar panels installed on the roofs of homes, buildings, schools, government buildings, and even businesses, i.e., solar panels for commercial use, solar panels for office buildings, and solar panels for homes, is indicative of India’s transition to clean, dependable, and affordable electricity. Solar Rooftops are roofs that have been modified in this way to hold PV modules.

One of the nations that have achieved the highest renewable energy generation in India. As of 2019, 35% of India’s installed power generation capacity—which equates to 17% of the nation’s overall electricity production—comes from renewable sources of energy. Solar rooftop adoption is currently increasing in India. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 116% between 2012 and 2018, rooftop solar in India has been the fastest growing renewable energy sub-sector from a historically low base.

The World Bank is supporting grid-connected rooftop solar projects with US$625 million to help the Government of India reach its ambitious goal of 227 GW (it was previously 175 GW).


Savings in costs

The financial savings that come with solar panel installation on the roof are one of its major advantages. Rooftop solar tariff quotes are 17% and 27% less expensive than industrial and commercial tariff rates, respectively. Industries using solar are sure to experience growth over the next few years because solar panel prices are on the decline.

The advantages of solar rooftops

The whole process of installing the panels to the power generated by the PV cells has no health concerns, and no gases are produced that trap heat and contribute to global climate change. In addition to not emitting carbon dioxide, coal-related harmful emissions wastes as nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxides, and mercury are also not produced.

Low cost of upkeep

Rooftop solar panels are a cost-effective solution. It merely requires regular, great cleaning and maintenance, which is a simple procedure. The lifespan of a typical solar rooftop is 25 years, making investment profitable. There are no big expenditures. Our asset management technology system maintains tabs on the upkeep and condition of your solar panels. In the event of an issue, you will be notified immediately.

We Indians have an innate belief in saving money for the future; as a result, we usually strive to invest using tried-and-true strategies like bonds, shares, SIP investments, and many more that guarantee long-term gains. Purchasing solar energy equipment upfront is one such contemporary method of saving. You can create free electricity with a solar power system throughout its 25+ year existence. Solar energy can lower your electricity bills, so even if you can’t produce 100% of the energy you use, you’ll still save a lot of money.

Always go with an established solar panel business whose professionals can help you get the most financial rewards from installing a solar panel.

Decrease in electricity costs

Installing solar panels at your house or place of business will lower your power costs. Coal, oil, and natural gas are used to power homes around the country when using a standard electrical connection. Installing solar panels on your home’s roof may help you save money and the environment. Naturally, each property is unique and has a variety of needs for solar panels. Contrary to common opinion, homes do not have to be in the southern hemisphere to properly install rooftop solar panels.

Suitable for the climate in India

Because of its geographic location, our country benefits from a lot of tropical sunlight. Due to its roughly 300 bright, clear days per year, India has some of the greatest solar energy harvesting conditions in the world.

Installation doesn’t require any additional room.

The concept is viable and sustainable because the system is installed on the roofs of commercial or residential buildings (as is obvious from the name!). This also has an additional benefit: a house’s resale value will rise when it has an installed solar rooftop system!

Fixed expenses

The cost of the power bill on a monthly basis may vary depending on the season; during the winter, when heaters are used, the cost may decrease or even go up; during the summer, when air conditioning is used extensively, the cost may go up. In the case of solar, your monthly investment is set, and if it is grid-tied, you will also receive credits at the end of the month.

Energy Security Backup

These days, temperature and weather fluctuate frequently as a result of global warming, causing rain, wind, and occasionally even powerful storm surges. Due to abrupt shifts, there may be a power breakdown, which could result in significant losses from the shutdown of manufacturing facilities and other devices. You can avoid disruptions and hassles if you have solar panels installed with battery backup storage. Off-grid solar panels have enormous energy security capacity, but they are expensive. In contrast, best solar panels are less expensive but have less battery backup.

Government assistance

The 5% tax rate applies to solar rooftop systems. If one excludes the 0% tax band, it is the most alluring tax rate that the government provides. One of the few products in India that are exempt from this low tax bracket is this one.

Property Value Growth

By adding solar power, you can increase a home’s value by 3-4%. Properties with solar energy systems typically have better property values and sell more rapidly than homes without solar energy systems. Your home will be worth more than comparable properties on the market if you have solar panels. As prospective homeowners get more knowledge about solar energy, there will be an increase in the demand for homes with solar power systems.


Rooftop solar systems are becoming a common source of power i.e energy generating. With home solar and commercial solar rooftop solutions, even you can go for loom solar and save money and the environment. You can have a renewable source of power supply at a low cost with careful planning and system execution.

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