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Why do people get elevator shoes

Elevator shoes are known as lift shoes or shoes that increase a person’s height. From afar they look like any other shoes. It isn’t until you get a little closer than you start to notice its differences. For starters, the shoes have a slight bulge along the heel. Also, they appear to be a bit larger. The magic happens inside the shoe where you will find a raised platform which gives the appearance of the person that is wearing the shoe a taller look. 

So how much height is usually added to elevator shoes? Well, the standard height for elevator shoes is usually anywhere from 2.8 inches to 5 inches depending on the person’s initial height. 

A lot of men tend to shy away from elevator shoes because they don’t want to appear to be lying about their height. Our thoughts are that people are going to judge you regardless so do you boo! 

Now when they first started selling these shoes, they were quite bulky and not very attractive. Luckily things have advanced and now these shoes are as attractive as any other shoe out there. 

So exactly why do people get elevator shoes? Firstly, they make you taller, which is very handsome. They also increase your confidence, and when you look good, you feel good! You also seem more attractive, and yes, this is a scientific fact. There have been many studies done that have come to the conclusion that tall men are by far more attractive. 

Did you know there are celebrities that wear elevator shoes? It’s true! Robert Downy, Jr, Tom Cruise, and Mick Jagger wear them often. And just like these celebrities, you can wear these shoes on a daily basis. Now if you are playing sports, it is not a good idea to wear these types of shoes as you can damage your feet. You can easily wear them doing leisurely activities or to the office. They are especially great for when you have a special event to attend, giving you that added bit of sophistication and self-confidence. 

One of our favorite places to buy elevator shoes is A good pair of elevator shoes can cost anywhere from $600-$1200. Some even go for more than $4000. Remember, when searching for the perfect pair of elevator shoes you want to make sure that they don’t look bulky. The ones that appear bulky are usually very low quality. You also don’t want to mistake elevator shoes for wedges, there is a difference. With wedges, you can visibly tell that there is a lift to the shoes as it is shown on the outside. With elevator shoes, the lift is a lot less visible as they are inside the shoe. 

Elevator shoes began in the early 1500s when cowboy boots were becoming popular in Spain. Men wanted to be taller than their female counterparts who often wore heels. They were known then as the most expensive shoes made. Now you can find multiple styles, colors, and price points for elevator shoes. 

You can even go as far as having some specially made for you. Of course, this is the pricier option, but we find that shoes that are customized tend to last a great deal longer. You also have the added benefit of being able to get the shoe repaired by the manufacturer if it is customized. 

Whatever style you choose, if you need a little extra height, guidomaggi elevator shoes are the perfect and discreet option to accompany your ensemble. Try out a few pairs and see what you think!

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