Why Do Casinos Use Chips

Why Do Casinos Use Chips?

Do you enjoy casino games? Casinos use chips as their currency for several reasons.

Physical and online casinos use chips instead of cash for games. The sound chips make when they clink is a timeless feature in casinos. You may think it’s easier for casinos to handle cash and they won’t need cashiers to exchange it for chips. However, counterfeit chips necessitated the invention of chips in the early 1800s. Casinos created customized clay chips that were hard for gamers to forge. The chips evolved to the ceramic chips we use in most casinos today.

The Value Of Casino Chips

Casinos like S188 Malaysian Live Casino, use custom-made colored chips of an assigned value. The design, worth, and color vary depending on a region or a casino’s desires. For instance, casinos in Atlanta offer a yellow $20 chip to their gamers although it’s rarely used. There’s no official regulation on how chip colors are assigned in casinos. However, the table below shows standard values attached to common colors casinos use.  As a gamer, it’s important to understand these colors and the currencies they represent. Gaming sets usually comprise green, white, blue, red, and black chips. Chips of high denominations like brown ones that are worth $5000 and above are reserved for private parties.

Chip’s color Value
White $1
Yellow $2
Red $5
Blue $10
Grey $20
Green $25
Orange $50
Black $100
Pink $250
Purple $500
Yellow $1000
Light blue $2000

The Relevance Of Chips In Casinos

Your Psychology

Psychology is the main reason casinos use chips. It’s easier for you to place a big bet on a small number of chips compared to big wads of cash. You may know the value of a chip but holding the actual cash heightens your inhibitions and you’ll take lesser risks. Chips are practical and hassle-free. If you want to bet with $1000 you’ll have to count the cash at hand. Counting money lets the reality of what you’re about to risk sink in. However, a chip of similar value looks less daunting when you place one on a casino table.


Casino gamers love souvenirs as a memory of thrilling times or to show off. Interestingly, casinos don’t stop people from taking chips. When you don’t cash out chips, casinos keep your money and increase their profits. Casinos use this feeling to their advantage. Some gaming companies create commemorative chips that remind you of special events.

Casino laws

Regions have varying regulations that ban casinos from using cash. The law also requires casinos to declare big transactions to curb money laundering. Chips allow casinos to track large sums of money through a paper trail.


Chips make a casino’s cashing out system seamless. Using them makes it easier to track how much a casino paid out and what’s left in their coffers. A cashed-based system would be chaotic and would take longer to streamline. Chips spare you the inconvenience of watching people fumble as they count money large sums of money.

Security reasons

Manufacturers design chips in a controlled manner to prevent counterfeits. Ceramic chips vary in texture, color, weight, and design and are more difficult to fake compared to paper currency.

Some casinos use unique radiofrequency IDs (RFID) on their chips. This microchip technology tracks chip denominations to detect criminal activities. A thief can’t cash out money because such casinos can’t authenticate fake chips. RFID chips allow casinos to identify missing or stolen chips, remove them from their system and void them.

Additionally, some casinos help individuals struggling with addictions who want to exclude themselves from casino bets. Others simply don’t want to lose more money. Casino managers can seize chips from self-excluded members and cash them out discretely. Lastly, chip colors make it easier for floor managers to supervise amounts of money on casino tables even through security cameras.


RFID chips have important data that casinos use to track how chips move within gaming ecosystems. Casinos can identify discrepancies and crooks to streamline their profits. Although very few casinos have adapted RFID technology, such data justifies their use.


Casinos use chips as a currency because they’re practical, time-saving, and fool-proof. They make accounting for casinos easier. The primary reason casinos use chips is don’t inhibit a gamer’s desire to spend money.

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