Why Art Is Always Going To Be Timeless

Why Art Is Always Going To Be Timeless

Most people describe art as universal and timeless, but what does that actually mean? What makes it timeless? And is it always going to be timeless? These are the recurrent questions in the mind of every art lover. 

Most art lovers will tell you that whenever they see an old artwork, it has a way of resonating with the modern world, and may even give an insight into the future. A timeless art has depth, complexity and has the ability to resonate with all kinds of audiences. Art speaks all languages and understands all emotions. That’s why when people gaze upon an artwork, it takes time for them to fully understand the depth and emotion buried deep within. 

With the introduction of technology and digital photography, people often wonder if art will continue to be timeless or will it fade off with time. Experts say art transcends race, culture, or civilization, and it will always stand the test of time. Week, in today’s article you are going to find out why artwork will always be timeless.

What is Art?

There are so many theories about the essence of art. But basically, art can be said to be a way of expressing one’s idea or creativity through artistic creation. It is a means by which artists express their innermost self to the hearts and minds of viewers through visual arts

Art has evolved over the years from the classical art we all know to the artistic photos of digital photography. But one thing has always stayed the same, and that is the expression and deep meaning contained in every piece of artwork. It’s no surprise they are universal and timeless.

Why is art timeless?

Art is seen as timeless because it originates from people. There’s always a new variation of art or a new style from one generation to another. However, it doesn’t matter what generation the artwork emerges or is discovered, as long as it is visible and can be touched, then one could say, it didn’t age a bit. As time passes, the value of the artwork increases and hence becomes more valuable. A great artwork can take a viewer 8 to 10 months in order to fully understand the meaning and emotions buried deep within. 

What makes Art Timeless?

To be timeless means to be unaffected or not influenced by the passage of time. But that’s not exactly what we mean when we say art is timeless, we are referring to the style of the art, the principle, concept, and quality of work. 

Timeless art doesn’t necessarily mean the art medium isn’t affected by the passage of time, but the ideology being portrayed, and the emotions contained, remain forever. Hence, whenever you gaze upon the art, you feel exactly what the artist felt, 10, 20, or even 30 years ago. With the current evolution of art into digital art, the issue of the art medium being affected by time, is no longer an issue. Most artworks are now stored using several digital technologies. Hence, artworks can now become timeless forever. 

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