Why 96M Is Malaysia's Best Online Casino: What Makes It So Great?

Why 96M Is Malaysia’s Best Online Casino: What Makes It So Great?

The online gambling industry has significantly grown over the last few years. The situation of COVID-19 gave the technology a huge push and IT players started to think outside of the box. The people turned their attention to the importance of doing business online and benefited a great deal from it. The online gambling industry was also one of those businesses which have grown more than ten folds over the last two years. New players have entered the online gambling market and provided better and more entertaining services to clients. 96M is one of those trusted online casino Malaysia, by provides a safe & secure, thrilling, and full of entertainment gambling experience. 96M has enchanted the whole online gambling industry of Southeast Asia. In this article, we are going to talk about why 96M is Malaysia’s best online casino and what makes it so great?

Brief Overview of 96M

The online casino was launched online in the year 2021 and it quickly grabbed the attention of Malay people by providing astonishing new player bonuses and promotions. The casino gained the trust of the gamblers by providing the best and most secure services. They have created a huge library of online gambling games with a high-quality gaming experience, limitless betting options, quick payouts, and deposits option, and above all, they took care of the privacy of online players. According to the reviews of Malay people, 96M online casino Malaysia is undoubtedly one of the greatest online casinos. The casino has a valid gambling license which is regulated by local and international laws. All the games on the platform are tested by the regulatory bodies and deemed fit to play by any gambler. Moreover, the platform is rated over 9.0 on a scale of 10 in terms of trustworthiness and fair gameplay.

What Makes it Best?

It is established that 96M is trusted widely but what makes it the best online casino is the undying commitment of the team to refining its services, enhancing the games, upgrading the platform, and providing the best gambling experience to the players. The entire team is made of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the gambling industry and they update themselves according to the ongoing trends. Following are the five reasons which will never let a gambling lover leave 96M online casinos in Malaysia:

1- Huge Library of Games

When the casino was launched in 2021, people did not expect to find a huge number of games in an online casino but surprisingly it delivered a vast library of high-quality online gambling games including poker games, live casino games, sportsbook options, and online slots, and much more. Moreover, the gaming providers which partnered with the platform are some of the famous brands which are recognized because of their quality and interactive graphics. The brands include Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, Microgaming, and Spade gaming.

Slots are famous in every kind of casino whether it is online, or land-based. 96M has put special attention to this category and provided more than a hundred games in this genre alone. Slots have been largely modified and subcategorized into other games like shooting, arcade, racing, and much more which gave a new thrill to gambling fans. Not only this but 96M has also provided a huge category of Poker games offered by famous Poker brands Jili and IDN.

2- Lottery and Sportsbook Category at 96M

Online casino is incomplete without lottery games and 96M gave special thought to putting together some of the famous lottery brands and provided four incredible lottery options which include KENO offered by QQKeno and the other three are Atom, RngWar, and KENO offered Funky Games. So, each player has enough options to try his/her luck and win huge rewards. Similarly, the sportsbook category at 96M is based on two types of games. Regular sports such as Football, Basketball, Wrestling etc. and e-sports which are online games that include FIFA tournaments, Dota, League of Legends, PUBG etc. Moreover, all the sportsbook providers at 96M online casino Malaysia are licensed and include some of the famous names such as 96CMD, Saba Sports, Virtual Sports, and 96M Sports.

3- Additional Gaming Category

Aside from all these exciting gaming options, 96M is providing another thrilling gaming category for online casino lovers. This gaming category is rare to be found in online casinos and only a handful of online casinos which are recognized as the best, provide these games. These games are known as fishing games and 96M offers the most engaging experience to play these games. There are more than ten games available in this category and all with a wide range of playing options. One of the most played games in this category is Fishing God and it trending as number one in Malaysia.

4- Services Provided at 96M

Apart from providing the best games and lucrative playing options, 96M online casino Malaysia also offers huge rewards, bonuses, and promotional offers on certain occasions. Additionally, the casino is widely famous for its fair practices because all the games on the platform are tested by famous casino testing brands such as iTech Labs and BMM Test Labs. The slot games on the platform are operated using an algorithm called Random Number Generator (RNG) to save these games from cyberattacks. The algorithm is almost impossible to hack therefore, you are in safe hands while you are playing at 96M. Similarly, the casino offers the best customer care in the whole online gambling community. They provide 24 hours a day and 7 days a week non-stop customer care services and you can contact them via WhatsApp or WeChat if you are facing any problem during gameplay or in general any issue related to the platform.

5- 96M Online Casino Malaysia Provides Sense of Security

One of the reasons why people tend to stay away from online gambling is hacking and the presence of fraudulent casinos on the web and their fear is justified because we also have witnessed numberless such cases. But what sets 96M apart from these online casinos is its non-penetrable security system. The casino has installed one of the world’s most powerful online security encryption system, which is about 128-bit and protects the personal information of players from any kind of cyber-attack. All the data of players is password protected and encrypted by this system and therefore, there are extremely less chances that you will face any kind of scams or cheating activities at 96M.


Due to these features and a sense of extreme security, 96M online casino Malaysia is considered one of the best online casinos in Malaysia and in fact all over the world. The players have a wide variety of gambling choices, a number of lotteries and sportsbook options, a rare category of gambling games, the best possible customer care service, and above all a sense of privacy and security which not many online casinos can offer. If you need further information about the platform, you can check it out at https://www.my96m.com/en-my/home.

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