Which Online Casino Has The Best FIFA World Cup Odds?

The biggest football tournament in the world is the FIFA World Cup. In fact, it is one of the world’s most watched sporting events. Every four years, 32 national football teams enter a month-long competition after which one will become the champion.

It seems as if this year’s World Cup is going to be even bigger than the previous ones. Already, there is a huge social media attention, a general following, and fan support. However, the most interesting thing is the amount of money that is expected to be bet throughout the event.

The 2022 edition of the FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar from the 21st of November until the 18th of December, 2022. You can choose to bet at any of the Malaysian sportsbooks or brick-and-mortar casinos. But, we advise that you do your betting at trusted online casino Malaysia. At online casinos, you will get better odds and a large number of bonuses that are not available in land-based casinos.

Online Casinos in Malaysia

Online sports betting is quite popular in Malaysia, and many bettors focus on football. Every year, more than MYR 4 billion is wagered online on sports, with football accounting for roughly 90% of that total.

Many online Malaysian casinos provide a variety of markets for you to bet on. Although many people prefer to bet on the outright winner market, here, you simply pick the team that will become the champions at the end of the competition. However, there are other markets, such as group winners, highest goalscorer, and stage of elimination.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 online Malaysian casinos where you can bet. The casinos mentioned in this article offer the best odds and a great betting experience. They are also safe, secure, and offer members several bonuses, such as deposit bonuses and free bets.

The Top 5 Online Casinos in Malaysia With The Best FIFA World Cup Odds

Let’s now take a quick look at Malaysian online casinos with the best FIFA World Cup odds. They are as follows:

1.      Maxim88

Maxim88 provides its players with one of the best gambling experiences in Malaysia. The casino has its license from Curacao, so it is safe and secure for players. It has an incredible collection of games like poker, slots, live casino, and even sports betting.

Maxim88 offers several markets during the FIFA World Cup for players to take advantage of. Players can bet on the popular markets and even the less common ones. This online casino also has great odds, which makes the winnings larger than in other casinos.

Those that love live betting can also do that on this platform. Players will get to watch all the World Cup matches and monitor their bets using the live stream feature.

Apart from that, there is also a 100% deposit that is up to MYR 500 for the FIFA World Cup. Players have the opportunity to pay out either all or a part of their live bets.

Maxim88 allows players to make a minimum deposit of MYR 20 into their betting account. Withdrawals to international banks attract a MYR 60 fee, while there is no fee for local banks.

2.      AW8

AW8 is another great choice for those looking for an online casino to bet on football. It has become one of the best Malaysian sportsbooks and allows players to bet on all the major European leagues.

So, with the World Cup around the corner, AW8 is offering players an impressive experience. Players can choose from any of the markets that the casino offers and still enjoy several bonuses and promotions.

New members will get access to a 100% deposit bonus for the World Cup. Deposits and withdrawals are quick, and you can choose from any of the several payment methods available to players.

3.      BK8

BK8 is one of the most popular and reliable online casinos in Malaysia. They focus on sports betting and offer players a variety of football tournaments to bet on. BK8 is also offering bettors several markets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

BK8 online casino also provides players with in-game betting during the World Cup. Most of the markets will be available, although some odds may change slightly. The casino platform is very user-friendly, so it is easy to navigate. They also have one of the best payout rates.

The minimum deposit for BK8 casino is MYR 20, and there is no withdrawal fee to local banks, while international banks have a MYR 60 fee.

4.      96M

This is one of Malaysia’s most secure online casinos. It is also very popular, and many players choose it because the platform is user-friendly and there is a wide selection of games. 96M allows players to bet on any sport of their choice, especially football.

Players that want to bet on the FIFA World Cup can enjoy a 100% deposit bonus. However, the minimum deposit is MYR 50. The casino has a quick rate of processing transactions with very little transaction fees.

5.      me88

me88 was established in 2016, and has become one of the most well-known online Malaysian casinos. Members enjoy slots, live casinos, and even sports betting. It is one of the most secure betting platforms in Malaysia and has a license from Malta.

Football lovers will enjoy betting on me88 because they can choose to bet on any market of their choice. They can also enjoy great odds that are better than many other casinos. New players on the platform can get a 168% deposit bonus up to MYR 1,200.

It has a minimum deposit of MYR 20. There is a MYR 60 withdrawal fee for international banks, but MYR 0 for local banks.

Online Casinos That Allow Players To Bet On The FIFA 2022 World Cup

There are several online casinos and sportsbooks that are offering Malaysians the chance to bet on the FIFA World Cup. So, it is quite easy for players to be confused when trying to choose the right casino for themselves. Visit here https://onlinecasinosmalaysia.com/fifa-world-cup-2022/ to fully understand FIFA World Cup before you start to bet on it.

However, there is no reason to fear. You can sign up for a new betting account at any of the online casinos that we have reviewed above. They are safe, secure, and reliable. They also have very user-friendly interfaces, which would make it easy for new players to place their bets. And the most important thing is that they all have incredible odds.

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