Where to Start When Planning and Designing a Garden

Having a garden that you can sit in and enjoy in the summertime can be your idea of perfection. However, to create this little slice of perfection, what must you focus on? The idea of planning and designing a garden, perhaps for the first time, can feel a little daunting and overwhelming. Before you get overwhelmed by the process at hand, you need to focus on breaking down the to-do list as soon as you can. 

Utilize the Space You Have

At the top of your to-do list, you are going to need to start by thinking about what space you have to utilize. Gardens come in all different shapes and sizes, but what are you currently working with? Are you working with a square-shaped plot? Are your fencing borders undefined, or are you working with a smaller-sized garden? When you know exactly what space you have, you can begin to utilize it and plant suitable plants, shrubs, and bushes. If you do not know how big your garden is, you may find you are planting plants that are not suitable or appropriate for the location.

Focus on What Design and Features You Would Like

You may already have some thoughts and ideas about what you would like to have in your garden. Incorporating these key design elements and features may be easier than you think – especially if you outline them from the start. If you do not incorporate the features and design elements that you like, you may end up with a garden that is not as personalized as you would want. When you are thinking about adding features to your garden, you will also want to think about placement. Thinking about the placement of new features will ensure you have a design that flows beautifully and that looks fantastic too.

Seek Support and Guidance

You are not alone when planning and designing a garden. Reaching out and getting support and guidance is beneficial. If you look for a beginners guide to designing your garden, you will find the extra support and guidance that will help to build your confidence. Utilizing the expertise and knowledge of other gardeners (both on a novice and professional level) is going to be advantageous to your efforts. Whether you want to learn how to lay out a garden that gets little sun each day or you want to know what to plant and when, support is always there.

Create a Budget

Gardening can become quite expensive, even though it does not have to be. Although you want your new garden design to look fantastic, you must create a budget. If you do not establish how much you want to spend (and on what), you may find you are overspending or perhaps not getting good value for money. When you have a budget to work towards, you then know what purchases you can make, and you know what services you can hire in or source.

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