What You Should Do After You're Met With an Accident in Atlanta

What You Should Do After You’re Met With an Accident in Atlanta: Step-by-Step Guide!

Road accidents leave more than just physical scars. Victims can be traumatized for life. Lost limbs, paralysis, and brain damage mean the victim might not be able to work ever again. 

If you or somebody in your family has been put through this hell, this guide on how an injury attorney in atlanta ga can help is for you.

We have listed the things you should do after you meet with an accident and the things your family should do if the nature of your injuries leaves you in no position to take any action on your own.

The To-Do List if You’ve Not Been Knocked Unconscious

If you have luck favor you even in the slightest bit and you’ve not been knocked dead, here’s what you should do:

  • Take out your phone. Call the police and the paramedics (if nobody has done that yet). Take pictures of your car, the accident site, and the vehicle that rammed against you. All these pictures and videos will be very strong pieces of evidence later on.
  • Don’t give the police any statement yet. Let the paramedics take you to the hospital. Adrenaline might still be holding you back from feeling the pain of broken bones and torn ligaments. Besides, if you don’t visit a doctor, you won’t receive any compensation.  
  • Don’t visit the insurers yet. Hire a lawyer first. Anything you say or not say is a sort of proof that can be used against you in court. 

Once you’ve hired a personal injury lawyer, your only role now is to focus on recovery. The lawyers will take care of the rest: you’re paid in full for the trauma you’ve suffered. 

The To-Do list For the Family of the Victim

Not everybody is lucky enough to exit the accident scene with just a few cuts. If your loved ones weren’t lucky to be in the state of collecting any evidence, it’s on your shoulders now to hire a personal injury attorney as soon as you can gather your thoughts.

Who knows, the victim might have sustained life-threatening and life-altering injuries. Even a full recovery might leave the victim in no condition to ever earn a living. And what about the trauma you’re facing? The agony of seeing a loved one crushed?

So, it’s in your interest to have an experienced personal injury lawyer working for you. He/she knows what’s a fair compensation amount will unburden the stress of never being able to earn money or have a normal life. 

Summing Up:

Only a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta can calculate the amount that will go into leading a life as close to normal as possible. So, hire one at the earliest.

Don’t worry about the fee either. The lawyers that are worthy of your trust won’t charge anything upfront. They will take only a small cut from the compensation amount that too after you’ll be paid. 

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