What You Should Know About Watch Repair Service

What To Do When Your Watch Breaks: What You Should Know About Watch Repair Service

Whether you accidentally dropped your watch or it got caught on something, a broken watch can be devastating. Whether you have a luxury timepiece or a less expensive model, the watch repair cost will inevitably be high. 

So what should you do if you find your watch has broken? Should you just buy a new one? This blog explores the various options for repairing your watch and why some things are worth saving and other things might be worth getting rid of. 

Why You Should Consider Watch Repair

The cost of watch repair is always going to be high, no matter what type of watch you have. There are plenty of watches that are worth repairing – so it makes sense to explore your options. You’re not just left with two potential solutions: buy a new one or don’t. There are other options available to you! 

A less expensive option is purchasing a replacement part for your watch, like the battery or strap. These parts can be found online and may cost significantly less than the entire watch. If you find that replacing a part is too complicated or doesn’t fix the issue, then consider finding a professional Watch repair service near you.

In summary, if your watch breaks, there are ways to fix it and preserve its value while still saving money. It might be worth trying to find out why the part broke before buying a new one just in case!

How Much Does Watch Repair Cost

This is the first question to ask yourself when you find your watch has broken. The repair cost might be worth it if your watch is an expensive luxury timepiece, but if it’s more of a practical, everyday watch, it might not be worth the cost to fix it. 

Many people believe that fixing a gold or platinum-banded watch costs more than if the band was silver or another metal. A jeweler will typically charge about $200 for repairing a gold or platinum banded watch. If your band is made of silver, then the price for repair will likely be lower at around $150. The cost to repair steel watches is $130 and so on.

If you’re looking for something dependable and long-lasting, consider purchasing an inexpensive yet durable and fashionable analog model from Skagen or Casio. These are two brands known for budget-friendly watches that are waterproof, which makes them ideal for daily wear.

What Are Your Options For Getting A Watch Repaired

There are four options you have for getting your watch repaired.

  • You can send it to a professional watch repair service. 
  • You can replace the broken parts with new ones. 
  • You can get somebody else to do it for you, like a friend or family member. 
  • You can try and try to fix it yourself by using YouTube videos of other people who have done it.

There are a number of companies that advertise watch repair services in the UK. Swiss Time Services Group is one of the premier watch repair companies in the nation, boasting more than 29 years of experience with watch repair and restoration. The company specializes in restoring both luxury and everyday watches to their original condition, meaning you don’t need to buy a new watch just because your old one broke. 

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