What to Do in Florence, Italy if You’re Only There for One Day

In 2019, Florence recorded a whopping 15 million tourist overnight stays. The city is one of the most popular in Italy, with an assortment of art, cuisine, architecture, and other attractions to visit.

With so many attractions in one place, it feels impossible to narrow down your options. This is an even bigger challenge if you’re trying to get through Florence in one day.

To plan your trip as best you can, here are some must-sees to add to your single-day Florence itinerary.

Getting Around

Don’t waste your time renting a car while in Florence. The city is perfect for walking, even prioritizing pedestrians over cars in a lot of places. With most things within walking distance, there’s no reason to risk getting stuck in traffic.

If you want to take an unstructured approach to your day in Florence, you can start the day with a walking tour through the city. Walking tours usually last a few hours and take you through all the best Florence tourist attractions. This is a great way to see everything, and take notes if you want to go back for more later.

Check out these best free walking tours to get started.

Museums and Art Galleries

Florence is home to hundreds of museums and art galleries, so you’ve got to plan ahead for which ones you’re most interested in.

A popular choice is the Academia Gallery, which is home to Michelangelo’s David. But, if you do want to go here, it’s best to go early. Like the other best museums in Florence, it gets busy quickly so you want to beat the crowds.

Food Market

The Mercato Centrale is a huge indoor market showcasing some of the best Italian cuisines. Take your time exploring to find a wide variety of authentic Italian staples.

Make sure to grab some gelato while you’re there!

Piazza del Duomo

The Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, which is called il Duomo by the locals, is one of Florence’s most iconic sites.

The Duomo is one of the biggest and oldest cathedrals in Italy. You can buy tickets to walk up to the dome, but with so many gorgeous details to take in, it takes at least an hour out of your day.

If you don’t want to lose time going into the building, don’t worry! Even if all you do is spend a few minutes walking around the Duomo, there’s still plenty to take in.

The Best of Florence in One Day

If you’re trying to get through the best of Florence in one day, you’ve got to plan ahead.

From this Florence travel guide, you know to commit to walking around the city. Make sure you’re leaving time to check out the museums and galleries and try all the delicious Italian food you can find. If you’ve got the time for it, a tour through the Duomo is an amazing addition to your itinerary.

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