What Makes Implantable PEEK Better Than Other Materials?

What Makes Implantable PEEK Better Than Other Materials?

PEEK is employed in a variety of additional applications in addition to implantable medical devices including heart valves and vascular grafts. The benefits of adopting implantable PEEK over other materials are thoroughly discussed in this article.

Thermoplastic PEEK, also referred to as polyether ether ketone is a substance. Because it is bio-compatible and resistant to several chemicals and temperatures, implantable PEEK is a preferred material for medical equipment. PEEK is a popular substance for medical devices that are intended to be implanted into patients since it can also be sterilized using conventional methods.

When it comes to implantable medical devices, implantable PEEK is a polymer that has numerous advantages over other materials. PEEK is a popular option for the following four reasons:

  1. Robustness: Implantable PEEK is incredibly robust, withstanding high temperatures and pressures. This makes PEEK an excellent option for implants like pacemakers and coronary stents that need to be placed deep within the body.
  2. Toxicity: Implantable PEEK is non-toxic, therefore it doesn’t pose the same concerns for infection or unfavorable side effects as other materials do. Due to this, PEEK is a popular option for medical devices that must be implanted inside the body for extended periods.
  3. moisture resistance: Implantable PEEK has a high level of resistance to corrosion and moisture, making it perfect for devices that must stay inside the body for a lengthy period. This comprises, among other things, artificial limbs and heart valves.
  4. Low-cost Manufacturing: Using implantable PEEK in medical devices has several advantages over using other materials, including its lower cost. Because of this, more cheap implants can be created while maintaining high criteria for performance and longevity.

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