What Is NUSO Heated Tobacco, And What Makes It Different?

Tobacco has been around for many years, and with the recent rise in popularity of alternatives to traditional tobacco, it’s not a surprise that there are heated tobacco products on the market. But what is NUSO heated tobacco, and how is it different than other tobacco products?

What is NUSO Heated Tobacco

The ingredients for heated tobacco consist of dried tobacco blends that are then wrapped in tipping paper and heated to a relatively low temperature by an electronic device (lower than 600 degrees Celsius ). When tobacco is heated, the nicotine-containing aerosol is released, which the user inhales.

The Difference Between NUSO Heated Tobacco And Other Traditional Tobacco Products

There are many tobacco products on the market, but NUSO heated tobacco is different. Here’s what makes NUSO different from other traditional tobacco products.

NUSO heated tobacco stick is typically inserted into an electronic device that uses a unique heating technology to heat tobacco without burning it. This means that there is no combustion, no smoke, and no tar. The result is a much cleaner way to consume tobacco.

However, since nicotine exists in the tobacco leaves, heated tobacco products reduce nicotine, but they cannot completely eliminate nicotine and other harmful chemicals.

Finally, NUSO heated tobacco is a much more affordable way to consume tobacco.

Final Words

NUSO heated tobacco is a novel and innovative way to consume tobacco. It is different from other products on the market because when tobacco is heated, the nicotine-containing aerosol is released.

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