What is BK8 game?

BK8 ( BK8Max ) is a bookie that many players are very interested in today. If you are looking for BK8 information and the products they offers, this will be the information for your reference.

BK8’s history

The bookie was officially established in 2015 and is headquartered in the Philippines. During 7 years of operation so far, BK8 has always been a prestigious entertainment address and a worldwide brand. This is one of the addresses that provides many attractive entertainment products for the players who love online gambling.

Something you need to know about BK8

When gambling in here, players will be completely assured about information and money. Many football legends have become our ambassadors such as John Terry and Robin Van Persie. Especially, the bookie has sponsored jerseys for many major tournaments such as the English Premier League or the Spanish football tournament. We have won many titles such as:

Website of the Year Award 2015

Top 3 most trusted online casinos in Southeast Asia in 2016

Asia’s best online casino in 2017.

Official Electronic Advertising Partner Spanish Football Federation 2018/19

Our service list

In the list of online bookers that bring the most diverse entertainment today, the name BK8 is definitely indispensable. So what are our games? Some prominent entertainment products of us are:

Sport bet

Sports betting is always on top of the products that attracting millions of participants in the world today. And when it comes to the sports betting section at BK8, players will have the opportunity to participate in four great betting platforms, namely as BK8 – Sports, C – Sports, i -Sports and virtual sports. In specific, they are:

BK8 is the casual sport betting game

C – sport also known as CMD368. This is one of the great preeminent entertainment products. In here, players can both watch live football matches and participate in betting.

i – sport also known as maxbet. This is an Austrian sports platform that offers many attractive betting sports from football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, dog racing and so on. The 3D platform is designed to give players a realistic feeling like they are playing real sports. And especially, the odds are at high level with extremely simple gameplay.

E-sports bet

In addition to sports betting products, you can choose e-sports betting at BK8. The main e-sports product we provide is IM Esports. This is an Asia’s leading game provider. In each match, players can watch the live stream with joyfulness while betting. Especially, the livestream quality is always at HD to ensure sharpness and clarity for players’ experience.

Online Casino

The next service you don’t want to miss at BK8 is online casino. We provide a lot of casino games to help you satisfy your passion such as Allbet, Gold Deluxe, Evolution, Gameplay, Dream Gaming, Asia Gaming, Sexy Baccarat, MocroGaming, SA Gaming, Playtech or Ebet.

With a wide range of casino games, players can have a lot of great experiences. Each table in each game is controlled by a stunning female dealer. This can assure that players will always have the best moments of relaxation and entertainment while playing casino and talking with our hot, charming and funny dealers.

Online slots games

One of the products that attracts a lot of attention from players today is online slot machine. This game is crazed by many players because of the fact that it offers the opportunity to change their lives. The  reward amount could reach to billions of dollars. More than that, BK8 has cooperated with a series of attractive slot game providers such as Nextspin, Spadegaming, Pragmatic Play, TopTrend Gaming, Game play, Play’n Go, Microgaming, Asia Gaming to give players the best experience.

If you don’t know, these providers offer thousands of different games every year. Along with that is the simple and easy-to-follow game graphics. Even new players can get along with the games very quickly and thoroughly.

At BK8, when participating in slot betting, players both have the opportunity to win the jackpot and receive free daily spins.

Fish shooting

Fish shooting is certainly not a strange game to every player. And this is the one of the best game at BK8 booker? We offer three playgrounds for players to choose from: Fish Fighting, Gold shooting and GG Fish shooting. Players can easily play fish shooting on their computers or mobile phones. In here, the game’s graphics are also designed at a very simple and suitable level for all players. Moreover, the bonus rate is also very high, which makes it easy for players to achieve success.

3D games

3D game is a super attractive entertainment world with a lot of games designed in impressive 3D interfaces. Here, you can find a lot of super unique products such as Tai Xiu, Xoc Dia, Bau Cua Tom Ca, Dice game, Keno, Thai Hi-lo, Bau Cua Tom Ca 2, Fantan seeds counting, Dragon Tiger, King Crab, Bau Cua Tom Ca Thailand and others fascinating games. All the games here are simulated from Asian traditional folk games, so they are very familiar with players. Everyone from everywhere can easily participate in the game and receive big rewards.


Lottery is not a strange game for anyone. This is also a product that cannot be ignored when you are wandering at BK8. Our results are always up-to-date and applied the real time results that are directly broadcasted on TV program. We always ensures the highest accuracy and fairness to all players. Players can choose from a number of lottery products to play such as Keno, Casual lottery, QQkeno, Thai Lottery.

 Have fun with BK8’s lottery products

Especially, QQ Keno Lottery is an simply game that is designed with a maximum spin of 30 seconds. Players can bet at low wagers while the chances of winning are still very high.

Keno, on the other hand, is a super lottery game. The time for each round could last only a few minutes.

Numbers is a very attractive game that offers all kinds of bets. Everyone can choose the betting level that suits their budget.

Finally, Thai Lottery is a unique entertainment product that perfoms in Thai style and wins money in Vietnamese style.


So do you know what we are offering? Hopefully these useful information can help you make the right choices when entertaining with us.

In addition, if you want to access BK8 house, you can go to Bk8Max in Vietnam market. I put the link HERE!

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