What Does it Really Mean to be an SEO Specialist

What Does it Really Mean to be an SEO Specialist?

In the field of digital marketing, it is very common to hear the phrase “SEO specialist” when posting job offers or applying for jobs. However, not many people have a clear idea of what it really means and what exactly are the skills a person should have in order to manage this job. The truth is that SEO, or search engine optimization, is a very wide field that is designed to improve positioning of web pages in search results, therefore, there are actually a lot more than one or two tasks an SEO specialist should perform.

SEO and Google

Google search is absolutely dominant compared to other services you can use. As much as 92.78% of the total number of searches comes from Google. For this reason, it is clear why it is best to optimize your content according to Google’s rules, since the largest number of people search on it. This is the most important reason why an SEO expert always chooses to work in accordance with Google algorithms for content optimization. Indeed, it sounds easy, but actually it is not like that at all. The problem is that no one knows how these search engine algorithms actually work, because Google doesn’t want to reveal it. They offer guidelines on what is good and what is bad for optimization, but in most cases they do not offer concrete information and details of the algorithm’s functioning itself. This is precisely where the importance of SEO specialists lies, because with the help of analysis and the results obtained, they can better optimize the site. In order to be able to act in accordance with the Google algorithm, it is necessary to know the rules, to have experience, and even intuition is desirable. The basic goal of SEO optimization never changes and it aims to increase the number of visits and better positioning.


Keyword analysis represents the basis for all other content analysis and potential changes during the optimization of a site. Every search on the Internet is based on keywords, that is, what the user types when they want to find some information. An SEO expert analyzes keywords that are directly related to what the site deals with and tries to implement them in an appropriate way in the content itself. For instance, if you have a site in the field of marketing, it makes sense that you want to be at the top of searches for keywords such as “marketing for beginners”, “how to become a marketing manager” and others shown at Morning Brew. This method is valid for all types of sites, because the analysis of keywords is the basis for the subsequent optimization of the entire content of the site. Fortunately, there are many different tools that you can use to perform keyword analysis. They can give you insight into a lot of other information about the keywords themselves, which can be a guide for further optimization, and they can even make suggestions for additional keywords. As for the other tools and software programs, there are free ones, as well as the ones you have to pay for.

Quality Content

One of the most important things, when it comes to SEO, is the importance of quality content that would entertain the readers and promote different products. Therefore, if your brand is making original and relevant content, you will be able to establish contact with new potential customers. The content must be present in all phases of the conversion funnel (awareness, consideration, conversion and loyalty) shown in Oberlo and, therefore, during the purchase decision, the purchase itself and after sales. When content is created and distributed with the conversion funnel in mind, the consumer perceives that the brand really cares about their experience and is there to accompany them at all times. Many online companies count on quality content to improve their productivity and attract potential clients, even gaming and iGaming industries rely on good content to generate more leads. For instance, companies such as ArabianBetting, which make important efforts to keep your money safe and to protect your privacy, also rely on good user experience to keep their clients happy. Here you can find the best online gambling sites for your specific needs.

In conclusion, being an SEO expert requires a lot of different skills and a whole team behind to complete the job successfully.

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