What Are The Advantages Of AstroPay Payment In An Online Casino

What Are The Advantages Of AstroPay Payment In An Online Casino

There are several payment methods that gamblers can use. Through this article, we have decided to present to you an attractive method of payment called AstroPay, as well as the benefits and advantages it brings with it.

If you do not like to pay with credit and debit cards, this payment method can be an excellent choice for you. Many great casinos in India will offer this virtual prepaid card as a payment method. Its popularity is growing day by day and an increasing number of users are opting for this option, for reasons that we will tell you about later in the article.

First of all, what is AstroPay?

For those who have not yet familiarized themselves with this payment method, we have prepared some basic information. AstroPay is a prepaid card that you can get to deposit money into your account. The main difference between classic bank cards and prepaid cards is that casinos will ask you to enter your personal data when using a bank card. This is not the case with a prepaid card.

This payment method was established in 2009. Its popularity is growing day by day, and it has a large number of users, mostly from Asia, India, and Latin America. An increasing number of users around the world use these prepaid cards, so we can say that AstroPay is globally known and recognized.

About the prepaid card

This card can be of great importance for gambling services. What is important for you to know about it is that the user can choose the amount that will be on it. However, it is important to note that this card cannot be topped up. Whatever amount you choose on it, you have it until you spend it. Later, when you want to use that card again, you can choose a new one.

The prepaid card can be used within one year. Because of this, users should pay attention so that their card does not expire. You should use it on time to get the best benefits out of it. Also, this card cannot be used for any other purposes. Users interested in these cards can find them in value from $25 to $500.

Which casinos accept AstroPay?

We have listed Casino Sites That Accept AstroPay for you, so you can find the casino that suits you best. We definitely advise you to get detailed information about each casino before you decide to use its services, in order to be sure that it is the right casino that will meet all your requirements. These are some of the casinos that accept AstroPay as a payment method:

  • RollBit Casino
  • io Casino
  • Stakes Casino
  • 22BET Casino
  • BetWay India Casino
  • Mega Paris Casino

What are the advantages of the AstroPay payment method?

Several advantages distinguish the AstroPay payment method from other payments and make it attractive to users. You should pay attention to them because they can be of great importance when choosing the right payment method for you.

A reliable payment method

This payment method has existed for many years and we can say that it is reliable for its users. What is certainly most important to gamblers is that they don’t have to worry about problems with their data or worst of all, problems with their money. With AstroPay, you will not encounter such problems on your gambling journey.

Globally known

As we mentioned in some of the previous paragraphs, this payment method is globally known and used in many countries. Precisely because of this, the fact that the menu is available in many languages also brings a great plus. This advantage will benefit users from different countries who, using AstroPay, will do much better thanks to the possibility of using their native language.

Instant deposits and withdrawals

When it comes to paying for online slots and other games, users will be able to deposit money instantly. There will be no problems related to money transactions, both deposits, and withdrawals. Gamblers will always, in a very short period, have control over the movement of their money.

Without registration

For those who would like to remain discreet and do no registration, the AstroPay Direct option is available. Thanks to this service, users do not have any obligation to register. They can, without leaving any data, deposit funds and participate in their favorite games without any effort or problem.

Loyalty program

For its loyal users, AstroPay offers options for various bonuses and promotions. This is a great way to retain users and encourage them to play and use their services. In this way, AstroPay values its loyal users and wants to reward them in some way. Certainly, any kind of gift and bonus will come in handy for everyone.

Mobile application

Nowadays, it is easiest for everyone to complete everything they set out to do with a few clicks. AstroPay has a mobile application available to its users. With the help of the mobile application, all transactions happen very efficiently. At the same time, the mobile application itself is modern and easy to navigate.


If you are one of the users who is not a fan of bank cards, AstroPay can be an excellent solution for you. With the help of this prepaid card, you will be able to easily make transactions in the amount you choose. Security is ensured, and transactions are performed extremely quickly. Now that you are familiar with all the benefits of the AstroPay payment method, it is up to you to decide if it is ideal for you!

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