Ways To Entertain Without The Internet

One of the common ways to make the best out of your weekend is definitely entertaining close friends, especially if you are a host or hostess who is an emperor/empress of the kitchen and wish to impress your friends with your excellent skills.

However, these are not simple days. This means people will be more interested in sitting and scrolling through social media and only concentrate on food when finally lunch is ready.

So, how do you get your guests to interact more and not feel bored without taking solace from your cellular internet connection? Believe it or not, royal countesses entertain more than fifty guests at a time, without even the wireless.

So, why not give it a try!

You have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will discuss ways and means by which you can entertain your guests without the ‘world wide web.’

Ways To Entertain Without the Internet

Here are some of the common ways with which you can entertain your friends and guests.

1. Have A Movie Marathon

You do not need the internet for it!

Get out of the world of Netflix and Hulu. There was a time when we didn’t have these OTT, and people still had movie marathons. Simply download them all from The PirateBay, for free.

You can speak with your guest and make a day out of it. Have a common favorite movie franchise, download the movies for the entire week, and enjoy it for hours. Yes, there is lunch and breaks from time to time for light snacking. But, just the mere escape from reality for a few hours will be quite enjoyable.

2. Cook Food Together

Are you calling them for lunch?

You do not have the meal for them. Simply get all the ingredients and ask them to bring something. Then you put all of them together and cook a meal. There is nothing more fulfilling than the conversations and the laughter during a meal cooking.

It doesn’t always have to be your friends; it is also an excellent date idea. So, get the ingredients ready today; you can even experiment with new things.

3. Have A Dance Party

There Could be nothing better than dancing your heart out. So, why not o it like the old times?

Bring out teenage days back, and dance to every beat.

Download some of the best tunes, and make a playlist. You do not have to go to Spotify and listen to endless advertisements.

4. Play Games

Go up to the internet now, and look up some of the best party games if you are a bunch of intellectuals, 1000-piece puzzles, or a game of chess.

Yes, board games are still a thing! Plus, they are making it even more innovative to compete with growing modern times.

A day of board games, cooking, and meaningful discussion without the digital world prying in. What else would you want?

Why This Digital Detox Is Important

Here are some of the reasons why you, with your group of enthusiastic friends, should try this at least once a week. This is a fair disclaimer; you shouldn’t be entitled and force anyone to surrender their phones or not allow them to use their internet or wifi.

It should be voluntary, and the key is to grab their interest with the help of these other activities. So, why should you encourage yourself or someone else for this digital detox?

– It will help you relieve the week’s stress and everything that comes from constantly being online.

– Workaholics will stop checking their email and be present at the moment, rather than worrying about the coming week and their pending work (somehow, they always seem to have pending work).

– It will give your mind some rest from the constant scrolling over social media.

– It will give you a good opportunity to stop and be mindful.

– You will have ample time to have real conversations, not the superficial kind in which you do everything.

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