Vastu Shastra Guide for Kitchen- All You Need to Know

Vastu Shastra Guide for Kitchen- All You Need to Know

Your kitchen is the source of food that notably nourishes your house’s inhabitants. It is undoubtedly a hub of many crucial activities in your modern house. It is not solely a place where you cook food. Instead, it has now become a place where you can bond with your family members and also socialize with them. With such huge importance accompanied by your house’s kitchen, it’s quite important that you design it as per the Vastu Shashtra. 

If you want to learn about some Vastu tips for your kitchen, you are on the right platform. This article will discuss the significant Vastu guide that you should follow while maintaining your kitchen. 

Kitchen Direction According to the Vastu Consultant

According to a good number of Vastu consultants, it’s advised that there has to be a proper balance of the four elements of the universe in your house. These five elements are water, sky, air, fire and earth. Fire, also known as the ‘Agni delta, should be placed in the southeast direction. Due to the same reason, it is highly recommended by the best Vastu consultant that you make your kitchen in the same direction. The sink in your kitchen should be notably present in the northwest zone. Moreover, the water purifier and water pots must be on the northeast side of your kitchen. 

Your kitchen should have no clutter, and also, it should be pretty spacious. These two factors are quite important if you are looking forward to maintaining good health and prosperity in your house. Also, there should be enough light and air in your kitchen. To ensure the same, your kitchen should have windows. There must be ample space in your kitchen for cooking, and the design of your whole kitchen should be simplistic. 

Vastu Shashtra for Open Kitchen Layout

If you want to learn about the various Vastu tips to follow for an open kitchen layout, you should seek online astrology consultation. They would provide you with in-depth information about the same. However, some of the essential Vastu tips for an open kitchen layout are mentioned below: 

  • The open kitchen should be ideally placed in the southeast direction. It is because the east and south directions are dominated notably by the element of fire. 
  • Kitchen layouts can also be placed in the west zone. This direction has the ability to promote physical and financial gains in your family. 
  • One should always avoid placing the open kitchen layout in the north zone. This can have some negative effects on your career, money and growth. 

Best Directions for Kitchen Items According to Vastu

Kitchen Item Preferable direction as per Vastu
Entry Door West, East or North
Heaters, ovens, and other equipment South or South-East
Sink North-East
Windows  East
Clocks South-west or South
Drawers and storage racks South or West


Colours in Kitchen As Per Vastu

The kitchen is known to be a place in your house that represents purity. Thus, white has always been presented as the best colour for your kitchen, according to a Vastu consultant. But, it is highly recommended that you don’t overuse this colour in the kitchen. The usage of red colour in your kitchen must be avoided as it can lead to the formation of unstable energy in your kitchen. Dark colours lead to depression, and thus, their usage shall always be prohibited. The list of ideal and highly recommended colours in your kitchen include orange, green and lemon yellow. If you cook non-vegetarian food, it is highly advisable to avoid the placement of any temple in your kitchen. 

Dos and don’ts you should know for your Kitchen’s Vastu.

While you are preparing your kitchen according to the ethics and principles of Vastu, make sure you are keeping the below pointers in view: 

  • Never have a kitchen above or under the toilets. 
  • The kitchen should never be facing towards the entry gate of your house. 
  • Never make any space for keeping medicines in the kitchen. 
  • There should be no old newspapers, unwanted items and rags in your kitchen. 
  • Take a small statue of the goddess of food, i.e. Annapurna and keep it in a rice jar. If not a statue, you can also keep its photo. 
  • Your kitchen should always be neat and tidy to attract positive vibes. 
  • The window area of your kitchen must have a small herbal plant, for example, tulsi, pudina or bamboo. 
  • There should be no broken utensils in the kitchen. Make sure you are washing all the used utensils in your kitchen before sleeping at night. 
  • According to the Vastu Shastra, one must refrain from keeping a shoe rack in the kitchen area. 


Now that you are well aware of how to maintain your kitchen, according to Vastu, make sure you keep the above-mentioned information in view. The kitchen is the most important place in your house, and thus, you should make sure that it is facilitated with the best Vastu recommendations. 

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