Useful information Regarding the Mechanical Seal

Useful information Regarding the Mechanical Seal

Compression packing or mechanical seals are used in modern process equipment with rotating shafts (such as pumps and compressors) to reduce the amount of fluid emitted into the environment. When compared to mechanical seals, compression packing is based on the idea of controlled leakage, while mechanical seals often result in a seal with no apparent leakage.

When compared to the cost of compression packing, the initial investment for a mechanical seal is much more. However, the initial cost of a mechanical seal, which operates without human intervention for a considerable amount of time, is outweighed by the power that is used, the amount of maintenance that is required, and the amount of downtime that is spent replacing or tightening the compression packing. When mechanical seals are used, there is no evidence of any apparent leakage, which results in an atmosphere that is clean and devoid of any hazards. This page provides information on the workings of a mechanical seal, the many kinds of mechanical seals, the ways of controlling the environment, the characteristics of the equipment, installation instructions, a start-up process, and a checklist for detecting the reasons for seal leaking.


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