Understanding Football Betting Options For Beginners

Understanding Football Betting Options For Beginners

Football is a sport many people from different parts of the world enjoy watching. With different teams and sports tournaments, there are a lot of exciting events to catch up with the game. Some people follow up football competitions for fun, while others do it with the hope of making money through football betting. 

Before going into football betting, the first thing would be about familiarizing and understanding the different available betting options at fun88asia1. Consider these different betting ways as options required at various stages during the game and know when to strike using one. 

Here is a summary of the different types of football betting and their advantages.


The money line betting option is good to use on sites like fun88asia1 when the bettor is sure that the team will win the game and they do not have to bother about the number of points they will need to win the game. It also permits the bettor to obtain a significant profit on an underdog they speculate will win the game instead of making less on a point spread bet.

Point Spread

This can be used for games with even odds. With the point spread bet option, the bettor can bet when they predict an underdog will play a tight match close to winning. This option is good to use when a bettor feels their favorite team can win with a substantial margin.


Bettors tend to use this bet when they have a strong hunch about the perspective of the game, which could fall under higher or lower than anticipated scores.

Team Totals

The primary benefit of team totals is the player gets to bet on the number of points each team will score. This is opposite to the over/under bet, which includes the total points scored by both teams. 

First Half

A first-half bet comes into play when the bettor predicts the team will dominate one half of the game but is worried about their sustainability for the whole game. This option works best when betting on top favorites, as the first-half point spread will typically be slightly superior to half of the full-game spread.

Live Betting

For bettors who are not satisfied with the odds they are presented with before the games, checking for better numbers through the live betting option will be a good call. Live betting allows players to get real-time analysis and updates of a game before they wager.


A bettor tends to wager on their teams at a good point spread without purchasing extra points with this option. 


Rather than taking many risks to make small wins on a group of favorites, a bettor can decide to join them and form a parlay that will minimize risk. Parlays also come in handy when linked or combined with another strategy.


Props give bettors the opportunity of focusing on particular instances in the course of the game without the need of being disturbed about any other thing. This is a good betting option to use when one feels sure about the potential of a player to either take over a game or be overshadowed by the opposing team.

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