Top Five Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Dubai 2022

Top Five Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Dubai 2022

The most elegant member of the United Emirates is known for its sheeny nightlife, easy on the eye infrastructures, and of course, the juicy Arab dates. The shimmering city keeps up its ablaze nickname ‘The City of Gold’. Let it be your pals or family; Dubai never runs out of options to ecstasize its visitors. No ifs or buts, the 830m tall Burj Khalifa steals the show, but there is more to the scene the eyes can meet. Dubai is unarguably the crowd-cuckoo-land for many. Jane Q. Public from all over the world steps on the soil of Dubai to enjoy the whole bag. 

Open food courts, open minds, and open beaches add extravaganza to this majestic beauty. This makes Dubai the foremost option on any globetrotters list, especially for a family trip. The blood-tingling amusement park rides, fleek malls, aesthetic gardens, jumbo shopping complexes, be it anything, Dubai will make you stand on the horns of a dilemma if you’re up to mastermind a day out with your family. 

Family-friendly places in Dubai

Before that, here is a list of the best family-friendly places in Dubai to help you weave out the perfect day out with family.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The promised land for the photoholics in you. The true personification of your Alice in Wonderland dreams. Dubai Miracle Garden is the pied-à-Terre of 150 million different flowers and plants. Mickey Mouse, Princess and Elephants all embraced by the warmth of Day-Glo flowers and frondescence. These flamboyant grounds hold different world records for the feast it serves in front of us. This perfect family hangout place costs next to nothing for the Dubai Miracle Garden Ticket price. For adults, it is AED 55, and for children from age 3 to 12, it is AED. Plus, it’s free entry for the kiddie winkies.

The Dubai Fountain

The world’s biggest melodic wellspring draws breath right next to the mastodonic Burj Khalifa. This elegant hydro structure can shoot twenty-two thousand water in the blink of an eye. That too, with its hypnotizing notes and sizzling formations. Take a ride through Burj lake on a customary abra and appreciate the beauty it holds. And then take a walk through the Broad walk to enjoy the Fountain show to the fullest. It only costs AED 65.00 per individual to get a buzz from this fantastic hangout area.

Global Village

You are not getting the maximum vibe out of Dubai if you are not witnessing the Dubai Global village. Premised near Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Road is the labyrinth of 90 different cultures worldwide. All inside one single stop. Shop like a pro, eat like a pro, and vibe like a pro. This place can ecstasize you with its shopping and entertainment hubs. The overlined performances and cultural shows can undoubtedly bring out the party person inside you.

Also, don’t miss Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum.

Dubai Frame

Up for some crapshoot? The Dubai Frame is the tallest man-made frame in the world. This structure stands next to Zabeel Park. Try and visit this magnanimous beauty in the evening. So you can bathe in the warmth of Dubai rays, admire the sunset and get away with the changing color lights climbing all and along the length and breadth of the man-made wonder. This frame can show the grandeur of two Dubai’s. Reach the sky deck and relish the beauty of the present emirate and take a turn..boom. Your time traveled.

A perfect mix of traditionalism and modernism, the Dubai frame brings into the spotlight the victorious history of Dubai through its walls and engravings.

Dubai Mall

If Dubai is the heart, the malls are the blood vessels. Out of Dubai, malls tops the list. With the breadth of 200 football pitches, This 12 million sq ft mass is the perfect one-stop for leisure, information, shopping and entertainment. But the deepest mysteries are always the best one’s right? The underwater aquarium is the main attraction of the Dubai Mall. Get ready to get engulfed by the beauty of the sea world: Kidzania, Aquarium, Skating ground, Dubai Mall Ice Rink, Cinema Multiplex and what not. Dubai Mall can spoil you with choices.

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