Top 6 Websites to Read Light Novels Online in 2022

Top 6 Websites to Read Light Novels Online in 2022

The habit of reading books online is becoming more and more popular in today’s developing technology era. To prove that, there are now many free online reading websites to help readers have more choices. That’s the new trend that book lovers and nerds need to learn and get used to.

In each story, the reader has long been a spiritual food, a hobby that is hard to give up. From comics to short stories, domestic and foreign stories are read by many people. And in the era of technology development, reading stories becomes even easier when there are websites to read stories online. These websites have a very diverse collection of stories, so you can choose and find your favorite stories without spending too much time. This article will summarize to help you all the best online novel updates websites not to be missed. If you enjoy reading stories, especially online ones, you should visit the websites listed below.


The Freenovel website creates to provide a welcoming environment for individuals who wish to read books and exchange free e-books, light novels and webtoons with their friends and family. The website has a highly user-friendly appearance and is simple to use; you can discover the novel you want from a wide range of themes and genres such as philosophy, economics, health, and psychology.

The convenience of this free online reading site is that you can access and read books on all operating systems and platforms, from PCs to smartphones or specialized e-readers, all of which are managed by Freenovel admin team. Freenovel elaborates and always adds new light novels features to its readers.

Coming to the Freenovel website, you will not be required to register for an account but can directly select and search for a book to read quickly without fear of being interrupted by ads.

  1.  is a free online manhwa website that is accessible to anyone. The major purpose of the Webtoon is to enable people to access and read good, fresh, and worthwhile novels free of charge, making it ideal for students, students, and others with limited financial capacity who wish to read and access new works.

Webtoon with a big online book treasure with over 20,000 copyrighted webtoons, manhwa, manhua, rich in many various genres, allowing readers to search and suit the reading demands of readers anytime, anywhere.


Manytoon is one of the most popular readings manhwa available today on the internet. It is a site where people may quickly and for free publish webtoons and share their ideas with other readers.

You may also browse and read a variety of intriguing works by other authors, as well as trade and comment. You may connect and establish a community of readers who enjoy your voice on Manytoon. It is the best setting in which to launch your webtoon career.


If you are a fan of reading the manhua , manhwa, webtoons and light novel genre, you should not ignore this site. This website mainly provides Chinese and Korean translations. It is also a way for readers to learn Chinese and Korean.

The Gravity Tales website is designed to be relatively simple, so readers can easily find their favorite works without spending too much time. It is a website that provides free comic works, so to keep the website running, it will display ads during reading. However, you can still read the story for free!

  1. Wuxia World

Wuxia World is an online story reading address with a full range of stories: love stories, detective stories, horror ghost stories, swordplay stories, fairy tales, humorous stories, passion stories, family stories. Members also contribute contemporary short fiction.

Besides reading stories online, you can also contribute to the library of stories and share your exclusive books by posting stories directly. However, this operation will be moderated by the website owner for spelling and content.

  1. Web Novel

Web Novel will be a website where you can read books online for free, and it will be ideal for individuals who are big lovers of series like love tales and swordplay stories. 

Readers may readily use Web Novels to search for and select a hot and popular storybook to read fast; they are, of course, free. Furthermore, Web Novel users may not only read novels online but also download them to PCs for free to read.

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