Top 5 Reasons Why Demand For Software Engineers Has Increased In India

Top 5 Reasons Why Demand For Software Engineers Has Increased In India

Software Engineer is one of the most bright and alluring career fields these days globally.

According to the latest reports, there will be about a 20-25% rise in the demand for software engineers in various fields all over the world in the coming years. The job opportunities will increase at a rapid rate in career fields such as:

  • Software Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager

What is a software engineer?

A   technical computer science professional who implements principles of engineering and their programming language knowledge into application for designing, developing, testing, evaluating, and maintaining the computer software is called a Software Engineer.

Software engineers have ample understanding of computer OS(operating system), development of software, and programming languages. They implement principles of engineering at every level during the development practices to design and fabricate software systems as per client requirements. All tech companies hiring software engineers provide enticing perks and benefits which make this job profile worthy.

The benefits given for a software engineering profile includes:

  • Higher salary packages
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Amazing perks

Difference between Programming and Software Engineering:

 Software engineering is different from programming in dimensionality. The basic difference between programming and software engineering is that programming is about producing code whereas Software engineering enhances the maintenance of that code for its useful life span.

Within Google sometimes it is said that Software engineering is programming integrated over time. Programming is unavoidably a significant part of software engineering because programming is just how you generate new software. If you accept this difference, it also becomes clear that we might need to figure out between programming tasks (development) and software engineering tasks (development, modification, maintenance). The addition of time acts as an important new dimension to programming.  Like Cubes are not squares and distance is not velocity, in the same way, Software engineering is not programming. They both are entirely different domains. So it is clear that –

Programming means:

  • Only development

Software Engineering means:

  • Development
  • Modification
  • Maintenance

So, we can see that three main differences between programming and software engineering are-

  • Time
  • Scale
  • Trade-offs

On a software engineering project, engineers must have a track of time and the eventual need for evolution. In a software engineering organization, we must maintain scale and efficiency, for the software we produce and for the organization that is producing it. Finally, as software engineers, we are often asked to make more complicated decisions with higher-stakes outcomes, which are based on imprecise estimates of time and growth.

Need of Software Engineers:

 If you want to consider software engineering as your career, then your primary consideration for this profile must be the job opportunities. With the continuous rise in demand for new software applications, there is a consistent rise in the requirement of software engineers. We need to learn the reasons behind the high demand for software engineers along with steps you can take to pursue your career with an online mca in India that help you to decide if a job as a software engineer is suitable for you.

Why Demand For Software Engineers Has Increased In India:

1. Expeditious Emergence of Technological Developments:

The main reason beyond the rapid increase in demand for Software Engineers is the fast and consistent advancement of technology. In the last few years, there has been an augmented rise and growth in technologies such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Quantum Computing
  • IoT
  • Hyper- Automation

Our lives are impacted by these technologies daily, whether we are using our smartphones, surfing the internet, buying products online, using navigation, or listening to songs on our favorite music streaming service. The working and automation of these technologies depend upon their software. So here arises the need for software engineers who can design, develop and maintain this software. These technologies are here to live forever, so the future of software engineers is bright as there will be a plethora of job openings in this field.

2. Digitalization: 

 Every domain from business to education is heading towards Digitalization. So this digitalization is regarded as a notable reason for the splurge in demand for software engineers. Due to the covid pandemic, every field needs to go on a digital platform regardless of their necessity or option. To survive in this competition-driven world, everything needs to become digital giving rise to the requirement of software engineers in all tech fields.

Some of the popular examples of Digitalization in the present scenario which have changed our lives are:

  • Zoom
  • Zomato
  • Uber
  • Paytm

There are efforts of software engineers behind the successful development and working of these digital apps and making them survive in this era of technology.

3. Replacement of Redundant Code:

The code in applications is being constantly changed and updated. Additionally, each line of code typically has a life span of only a few years. On some occasions, companies may choose to discard old software entirely and rebuild it using modern technology.

One of the essential questions in the mind of individuals is that after the coding is done, the product is developed and successfully handed over to the client, is the work of a software engineer has finished except maintenance work? The answer is ‘No”. In this technology-driven market, technologies get changed at a faster pace than you can even imagine. Code needs to be changed and updated according to the needs of the client. For numerous reasons like performance enhancement, cost-cutting, etc. client opts to discard the old code and rebuild the entire code according to the latest technologies.

So, a team of software engineers is the most essential requirement of high tech companies giving rise to the demand for software engineers.

4. Multiple Task Handling:

 Another pivotal reason behind the rise in demand for software engineers in today’s world is that these computer professionals are needed at almost every stage of product development whether it is development, designing, coding, or testing. They collaborate with the designing team to guide them about user requirements, with the programming team for coding, with the testing team for testing and trial of code.

So these prominent roles of software engineers in product development are one of the major factors why software engineers remarkably occupy a strong position in this technological industry.

5. Demand and Supply Chain:

Organizations are always in need of skillful engineers that should have proficiency in their area of expertise. A skillful and trained software engineer is an asset to his/her organization. The chain of demand and supply holds to this scenario. There are not sufficient software engineers who meet the standards and expectations of the required working criteria of the organization. So the shortage of skilled individuals, in this case, leads to their high demand justifying the concept of Demand and Supply chain.


Software engineers are undoubtedly the exceptional individuals that impact your life directly or indirectly by automation of technologies globally. These are some of the major reasons for the rise in demand for Software Engineers in today’s technological world. So if you are looking forward to pursuing your career by doing software engineering courses in India, you must go ahead without any hesitation and acquire all the skills in your area of interest.

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