Tips on how to impress a woman

Tips on how to impress a woman

It has always been said that understanding a woman and making her happy is complicated. But nothing could be further from the contrary. In the end, she is a person like so many others with her tastes, hobbies, habits and dreams.

The main advice for this is to get to know her or try to do so. This can be done in different ways, by spending time with her, asking her questions or listening to her. But if the aim is to impress and seduce her, it changes slightly.

Myths about what women want:

  • Bad boy: The one who needs to reform and change. That dream of a woman who idyllically wants to be the reason why a man improves or changes.
  • Gentleman: Opening the door, serving breakfast… That romantic image that appears in every movie where the man is mainly there to follow, help and make life easier for his partner.
  • Always available: All day long by her side on the phone to answer any of her questions.

What are you looking for?

First of all, the first thing to do is to know what kind of relationship you are looking for. If it is a crazy night of passion, like any other you can enjoy it with an independent Bangalore escort. Or if, on the other hand, you are looking for something more serious and long-term. 

Whether it is a special friend, with rights and with whom you can have something simply physical. Or a girlfriend or even a woman. That person with whom to share experiences beyond an open, polyamorous or monogamous relationship. All are valid as long as all parties involved participate in mutual agreement and consensus.

How to seduce a woman?

Now, depending on what has been answered in the previous section, the steps to follow and the strategies are different. 

For example, for a one-night stand, you can turn to:

  • Any dating app or adult dating portal.
  • Go out to any bar or nightclub with the best clothes and the sexiest clothes to meet more people.
  • Ask a friend to set you up on a blind date.
  • Get carried away with someone at the next company lunch or dinner.

Although more and more long-term couples are now meeting online. To know the real secret to charm a lady, the trick is to surprise and pamper her without going overboard. 

  • Send flowers: For a romantic gesture it’s fine, but if you’ve only been on a couple of dates, the girl in question is likely to be overwhelmed and feel pressured. 
  • Be natural: Think things through before you speak, but still be yourself. Don’t pretend to be anything you’re not. Women pick up on these things eventually. Having fears is normal, so zero stress.
  • Be polite. A “good morning”, “how are you?”… you don’t have to talk all the time, but a little message a day to let her know that you remember her is good. 
  • Make her feel wanted: Surprise her with a spicy detail, make one of your fantasies come true.

Give and take? The secret of a stable relationship

But what happens if you do all the steps but the other person does not do any of them? It is important to know that in order to be able to seduce another person you must also be aware that you have to seduce yourself. Knowing and knowing what excites you the most, what you enjoy the most and what you don’t. This is something you should find out either by yourself or by doing different practices with couples or Mumbai independent call girls.

How much you are willing to give, and what is the minimum you want to receive. The strategies mentioned above cannot be followed by only one side of the relationship. Consensus, communication and effort must be by all. 

There is no magic formula to follow that works for everyone to have a partner that lasts without suffering. If only, it would save a lot of unpleasantness. But would it still be a reason for such happiness to have a partner?

All inventions and new technologies nowadays are focused on making everyday life easier, reducing the effort to a minimum and being more productive. But to what extent is this a good thing?

Every rejection or break-up is an opportunity for intimacy, to learn about oneself, to get up after the fall stronger than before and clearer about what you really want and what you are looking for. So the only thing to do is to let yourself go, keep getting to know more people and keep the door open to all those who fit your desires. Because who says that the person you pass by every day on your way to work isn’t everything you want?

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