These are the favorite TV series from your country

These are the favorite TV series from your country

The Internet has changed everything. There aren’t many activities that haven’t been profoundly changed by the development of digital technologies.

One of them is TV. An activity that became quickly widespread in the middle of the 20th century and which has become part of our societies.

The internet’s arrival and streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix have completely changed our relationship with TV shows. Twenty years ago, no one would dare to say that TV channels would start to feel outdated. But today, younger generations are migrating over to digital platforms that offer on-demand content.

In terms of the consumer, there are many benefits to streaming platforms that explain this success. You can choose when to watch, and you can even choose any mobile device to use as a screen, be it your phone, a tablet, or a laptop computer.

And for the producers, the amount of data they can gather on the consumers’ tastes and preferences is bigger and more reliable than what they get through paid TV subscriptions.

This is one of the reasons that every new release breaks the record of the previous one. Producers and mainly big streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime are using Big Data to construct scripts, narratives, and characters that fit what the audience wants.

The offer of series is becoming almost endless. Never before have audiences in Europe had the chance to enjoy Latin American successes like “La Reina del flow” (The Queen of Flow), and also never a Spanish TV Series had experienced such a success in foreign markets as “La Casa de Papel” (Money Heist).

Money Heist’s success has even resulted in themed merchandising and in the development of online games like the popular Skywind slot machine that users can find on platforms with the best casino bonuses. Players can use welcome bonuses with a mix of deposit a no deposit offers in the “La Casa de Papel” slot among other thousands of online slot machines available to play on multiple portable devices.

And due to the globalization of TV series, the online platform IMBD has built a list of the most successful series in every country. These are some of the most notable names in each region:


One of the most popular TV shows of the 1990s remains on the top charts of Canada. We’re talking about “The X Files”, a show that remains a cult for audiences still in our days. Another show dates back from the end of the 1990s in Costa Rica that’s still the most popular and it’s “La Pension”, which is still running after 20 seasons.

In the USA, Breaking Bad is the top-rated TV show as per the IMDB ranking.

South America also boasts of some of the most followed shows in foreign markets like Venezuelan “Kassandra” or Colombian “El Patron del Mal” which tells the story of famous drug Traficant Pablo Escobar.


The United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy are among the biggest producers of shows on the Old Continent. Sherlock, Les Revenants, Dark, and Gomorrah respectively are the top shows produced by these nations.

There’s a common theme among these series as they go thru obscure topics and sometimes scary stories.


One of the fastest-growing markets in the streaming ecosystem. The western world is becoming obsessed with Asian series, mainly those coming from South Korea. Mr. Sunshine is the best-ranked series in this country on IMDB but you can also find others like Descendants of the Sun or What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Other Asian powerhouses like China and Japan boast the names of the TV series Meteor Garden, and Death Note (a story inspired by a manga) respectively.


More than half of the population under the age of 22 in Morocco were in front of their TVs to watch the final episode of Moudawala, a drama inspired by real-life events.

But the crown in Africa must go to Nigeria, as they’re the African country that produces the most series in the continent. Their film industry has even been nicknamed Nollywood because of this. The best-rated show in Nigeria is called Tinsel.

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