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What is shaking odds? This is the question of many people who are new to soccer betting and don’t know how to view odds and place bets effectively. This type of bet is not too common, so it is understandable to ask questions about shaking bets. To better understand this type of investment, please refer to the content below Bookmaker Liên Minh OKVIP will share.

What is shaking odds?

What is shaking odds? This is one of the types of side bets in soccer betting, played during the match when two teams enter the game. This type of bet is only valid for a certain period of time in the match, so if you plan to play, you need to bet immediately. If you only focus on monitoring the house odds table for 2-5 minutes, you may miss your opportunity.

Soccer fans can watch the match live and place bets while the game is still going on. This bet will have extra time. While the ball is still rolling, the player can continue to bet.

In Vietnam, shaking bets will often come with football over/under bets. The chance of winning is very low, but on the contrary, if you win, the reward is extremely high. This is also the reason why many people want to conquer to get back the money they lost before.

What is the easiest way to read when looking at shaking odds?

Bookmakers often offer different betting odds in each match. Therefore, members need time to research carefully before investing money. The basic things you need to understandWhat is shaking odds?and how to read the odds.

Odds shake over/under

What is shaking odds? This is a type of bet for those who want to bet on over/under while the match is going on. Please note that the over/under odds before the match and during the match are completely different. An easy-to-understand example for new recruits:

The bookmaker offers shaking odds of 1.5 with the current score of the match being 0-1. If you bet on Over, the match must have 2 more goals to win the bet. If you enter the under, the match only needs 1 more goal to receive the prize. For shaking bets, it is not necessary to care about how many goals there are from the start of the match, only when the player bets successfully will it count.

European shaking odds

If you already know what over/under odds are, then when you learn about European odds, you will find it much easier. From the moment you place a bet, all match results will be calculated again from the beginning. The team that scores a goal from the time the bet is confirmed will win the European bet.

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Time to bet on shaking odds in soccer betting

Once you understand all the different types of odds and how to read them, you need to pay attention to when to bet. The time for you to deposit money into the bet is extremely flexible, from the moment the ball rolls until the match ends.

Similar to other common bets, soccer bets are also calculated based on extra time. During a few minutes of extra time, bettors can still bet on the bet they want. If you bet on soccer with this bet, you need to pay attention to the time, if you miss it you will lose your chance to win.

The most important time is the last moments of the match. Because this is the time when players need to consider whether to continue betting or stop. Once you have decided to bet at the end of the match, you need to concentrate highly and prepare the best network connection because any interruption will affect the result.

Experience in playing soccer odds for rookies

After learning what the time to bet on shake odds is, you should also hone the basic knowledge of the game rules as follows:

  • You need to refer to the match schedule and details of the matches the team has participated in to evaluate their strength and performance before placing bets.
  • Limit playing bets in friendly or U21 matches.
  • Pay attention to the handicap odds in the match to have the most objective and accurate assessment of the game situation.
  • You should choose shaking bets in small-scale tournaments with few followers at a certain time.
  • Do not bet on many bets at the same time, it will cause you to lose focus and make unsafe decisions.
  • In tense matches, you should not bet on shaking because both teams know how to take advantage of opportunities, the match will have complicated developments that are difficult to follow your expectations.

Above are detailed answers about what shaking odds are and related knowledge. Liên Minh OKVIP hopes soccer fans have a clear understanding of this type of betting and confidently participate in betting to seize the opportunity to win big for themselves.

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