The Best Way To Size A Open Fireplace Mantel To A Room

The Best Way To Size A Open Fireplace Mantel To A Room

You cannot find any exact science to the dimensions of a mantel in a room, but several factors can help a room maintain a harmonious design. An oversize mantel in a room can make the room crowded and uncomfortable. On the other hand, a tiny mantel can lose its remarkable visual appeal in a room design. Sizing an open fireplace mantel for a room requires selecting the materials in the mantel design, measuring the open fireplace, analyzing the available surfaces, assessing the room decor and installing the mantel according to safe practices codes.

Material Is important

When it comes to selecting a fireplace mantel that coordinates in size and with the overall room design, there are several material choices, including wood, stone, marbled, faux finish and pre-constructed surrounds. Pick properly sized materials that harmonize with the room’s structure. Each type of fabric influences the size of the mantel in the room design. Lavish wood designs provide a sizable decorative elegance, stone requires sound support if it is weight, marble is smooth and efficient for an exquisite appeal, faux materials are lightweight and versatile and encompass are to fit an exact open fireplace shape. The goal is to choose a medium that coordinates with the decorative appeal and the length of the room.

Size Up

Size matters when dimensions up your mantle. The mantel ought not to be shorter than the size of the fireplace, and should leave at the very least 3 feet above the mantel for decor. Begin by computing the size of the fireside. Correct sizing of the inner fireplace, also known as the firebox, and correct measurements of the facing across the firebox provide a schedule for sizing the mantel to a space. Measure the duration, height, and thickness of the firebox and its facing. A new mantel should expand at least 3 in . beyond the firebox opening. If the fireplace has gone through around the starting, the mantel can also extend 3 or more in . beyond that. Perform not guessing when sizing the mantel to a space, or the mantel could wind up being a long time or too short.

To get a quick reference, a 36-inch fireplace will most likely have a mantel thickness of 48 in .. A 42-inch fireplace will probably have a mantel thickness of 54 in .. The mantel really should not be so wide that it reaches anything more, just like a wall, windowpane or door. Regarding a quick computation on size, make sure that the mantel shelf thickness divided by 2 is no more than the thickness from the fireplace center to the wall, window, entrance or shelf.

Retain With the Interior decoration

Match the mantle with the internal decorations within the room. Assess the decor of the room where the mantel will be mounted the mantel harmonizes with the design flow. The particular fireplace mantel should accent the fireplace and blend with all of those other room accessories. Size a mantel for a room that allows the mantel design to flow with the space layout and furniture placement. A mantel should balance proportionally with the fixtures in the liveable space. Consider the fireplace and mantel as one large decorating when addressing the sizing for the room.

Keep This Secure

Install the mantel to meet city and region regulations. Follow the building code and fireplace manufacturers’ requirements for sufficient measurement from the advantage of the fireplace to the mantel. If the fireplace mantel has support legs, make them rest on the supporting fireside for added balance. Choose a mantel size that satisfies the space design needs and exceeds the minimum code clearances. Speak to a builder, fireplace seller or a local building inspector to ensure proper unit installation requirements for dimensioning a mantel for a space. Avoid masking any switches or light fixtures with the advantage of the mantel. Stay away from contacting windows or doorways with the mantel. Set up the mantle a safe distance from stray sparks that may potentially ignite.

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