The Best  Scrap Car Company

The Best  Scrap Car Company

If you want to deregister your vehicle, you must hand in the number plates to a number plate operator – this can e.g. be an auditorium or for one of the Danish Motor Agency’s expeditions .  You will then receive a receipt that the number plates have been deregistered. Your insurance company will automatically notify you that the vehicle has been deregistered. If you are missing all number plates for the vehicle or one from a set, you can only deregister your vehicle with the Danish Motor Agency.

It costs DKK 60 to deregister a vehicle with the Danish Motor Agency, while the number plate operators’ prices vary. Once you have deregistered your car – and possibly sent it for scrapping, you may need a new or used car. Skrot bil we always have a huge selection of used cars. At the same time, we are authorized dealers of Kia, Opel and Peugeot. Below you can see a small selection – click further down to get to our selection of resp. new cars and used cars – or to our side dedicated to cheap cars.

When you choose to scrap your car at, you not only get the highest scrap premium on Zealand – no, you also get car scrapping on your terms, where we take care of deregistration of number plates, just as we also pick up your car free and clear throughout Zealand. As an added plus, a portion of your scrap premium is paid in cash. According to new legislation, 2200, – of the total scrap premium will be paid to your NEM account via the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Do you want a high scrap premium on your car? Of course you will! At you get the highest scrap premium on Zealand! All cars Skrotpriser are scrapped with the greatest signs of consideration for the environment, and we naturally comply with the Ministry of the Environment’s legislation.

The scrap premium on your car depends on age, weight and size, but as a starting point, the scrap premium on a normal petrol and diesel car will always be DKK 2,200. At, we make an effort to always offer Zealand’s highest scrap premium. When the car is scrapped, this must be reported to the authorities via When you contact, we guide you through unsubscribing from a car, and arrange for the car to be picked up if you wish.

Once you have received your scrap premium Skrotpræmie bids to sell your scrap car or used car. If you can choose to drop it off at your local department, otherwise we can also pick it up at a time that suits you best. Our customer service is always here for you. We always help and take care of the official paperwork with deregistration and scrapping.

Is the car in good condition to send it to scrap? If your car is in better condition, we also provide an offer to buy it so you get more money for your old car. Read more about selling your used car.

To find out what your scrap car or used car is worth, just enter your car information in the form and we will give you a good price to sell your car. With nationwide departments, you can drop off the car locally or we will arrange for the car to be picked up.  At, the experience of selling your scrap car or used car is pleasant. We and our partners , can pick up your car from your address and help with all the official paper work. Read customer reviews from our customers to see what they have to say about our service.

In conclusion, the best scrap car company is the one that will offer the most money for your car, regardless of its age or condition. Be sure to do your research and compare quotes before you decide on a company to sell your car to.

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