The 5 Mandatory Affiliate Marketing Steps

The 5 Mandatory Affiliate Marketing Steps

Affiliate marketing steps When you are becoming an affiliate marketer, you need to know the 5 steps to be successful. If you are missing out on one of these, then make sure you go back and implement it. These are honestly just the 5 things you really need.

5 Affiliate Marketing Steps

Finding a Profitable Niche and Researching it

Putting in the extra 10 hours to truly research your niche and find profitable keywords will save you time in the future.

Remember, your goal is to find out about your targeted keywords, target market, and how exactly you will profit from your niche.

If you can figure all these things out in the beginning, then you won’t be struggling when your blog isn’t performing as you expected.

Starting a Blog & Picking a Domain Name

I recommend you start your blog through either Blogger or WordPress. There is a ton of information around the internet about how to start your own blog and you can literally do it within several hours.

Make sure you put some time into picking a domain name and pick one that is descriptive. When I first started my website, I was using ‘Korwin. com’ but then I switched over to ‘’ because it is more descriptive to users.

Finding or Creating a Product to Sell

Affiliate Marketers who make the most money will have a great product to sell.

What I recommend doing is starting with others products and slowly moving towards creating your own as you profit from your blog.

Then, you can focus on a ‘product launch’ and profit as much as possible.

The keys here are to make sure the product is first of high quality and also that the sales page is nice, professional, and high-converting.

Create a Sales Funnel

You need to create a funnel that you can send people to with the hopes of making a sale. You would usually set it up through your Autoresponder (I use Aweber).

What you want to do is create about 7-8 messages and schedule one each day.

You want to give a little information each time and then on your 7th and 8th messages you want to try to make a sale.

You can load more messages after that and keep each person as a loyal subscriber. If you post quality information regularly then you can keep updating your subscribers and continue to offer them affiliate products and services.

Get Targeted Traffic

This is the really tough one. Everyone nowadays wants traffic to their blog and you need to compete with them. In order to do that, you need to be active on social media websites and forums.

If you can create a large following on your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, then you can consistently send your followers to your blog.

As for forums, you can put your blog link in the signature usually and get passive traffic every time your post.

These are my 5 mandatory steps in order for you to be successful. You must have a niche and a product before you will ever start making money.

After that, you need to really refine your offer so it converts high. Lastly, you just need to get targeted customers in front of your offers.

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