Six Super Bowl Betting Tips

As soon as the Super Bowl odds are officially released, it kicks off two long weeks of betting on the biggest game of the year. The Super Bowl attracts even those that don’t bet on NFL games during the regular season because it is such a big event.

It’s not very often that people get rich off of betting on the Super Bowl, but there is a method to the madness. It takes a plan if you are planning on winning money while betting on the Super Bowl, and there are also some tips that can help you out.

Even if you aren’t used to betting on the NFL, you can use the following tips to help set you off on the right foot when making bets.

Don’t Wait Around

The Super Bowl odds are usually released minutes after the conference championship games are set, and those opening lines might present the most value. The oddsmakers have to get the lines out quickly because they know that there are people waiting around to bet.

It’s not usually a good idea to make a bet without doing a ton of research, but it’s always a good idea to bet on the early Super Bowl lines.

Watch For Line Movement

The early Super Bowl lines that come out two weeks before the big game are just a starting point for the oddsmakers. Those lines hardly even stay the same in the days and weeks leading up to kickoff.

There are a number of different reasons that the Super Bowl odds and lines might move, and it’s your job to keep track of the movement and be ready to react. You might find that the odds actually get more valuable as time goes on, or you could watch the movement of the lines and make a completely different bet.

Look at the Injury Report

One thing that you have to do is take a look at the injury report for each team every single day. Players are going to do all that they can to be ready to play in the Super Bowl, but there are always some players that just can’t get ready every single year.

That injury report is likely going to be long when it first comes out, and some of those injuries are going to impact the odds. If you notice that the injury report starts to get smaller for a certain team, that might be the time to make a bet and strike with the odds moving a bit.

Use Different Betting Options

Betting the spread is usually the best type of football bet to make, but it’s not the only option that is going to be available to you. You also want to look at the over/under or the moneyline for a game as big as the Super Bowl.

A same-game parlay is a newer betting option that is out there, and that’s another great way to put together a bet to get a big win.

Don’t Forget the Props

Not only are you going to find a ton of standard pregame betting options for the Super Bowl, but you can’t forget about the props. Prop betting really started to become famous and popular during the Super Bowl, and the list of options only seems to grow every year.

It’s a good idea to spend a day or two looking at the different prop betting options that are out there, and then decide which bets you want to make.

Live Betting Can Be Valuable

Watching the Super Bowl is obviously one of the most enjoyable things to do, and it attracts millions of viewers. If you are going to win some money, though, you can’t sit around and just watch the game.

Live betting has turned into a great way to bet on any sport, especially when it comes to the NFL. This type of wager gives you a chance to sit around and take in the action and then make a bet to react to what you are seeing.

You can either double down on the pregame wager that you made, or you can look at the live betting options to change your mind and get back some of the money that you would be losing.

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