Resume Creation- made easy

Resume Creation- made easy

A resume is a formal document prepared by a person to give an overview of his educational background, skills, achievements, work experience, etc to introduce himself to an unknown professional. It also has his hobbies, interests, and many more included. It is commonly known as a curriculum vitae (CV) or biodata. 

Style of a resume

A Resume is generally used in a professional environment by applicants for securing new job opportunities. It can also be used by students or others who aim to get internship offers from various companies and organizations. Resume creation is not about following a strict and standard procedure. Every person will find one’s effective method to write and present a resume.  A self-explanatory document in a neat and presentable format is the only primary requirement to be followed while doing resume creation

Different kinds of resumes are required to target different types of audiences. For example, the resume of a person who is aiming to get become an analyst in an IT firm has to be different from the one who is trying to become a nutritionist in a hospital and from a student who seeks an internship opportunity in a digital marketing strategy. The difference just lies in the modifications made by the applicants in their respective areas along with some additions or eliminations but the format or style as a whole does not undergo a massive change.

Steps to be followed while creating a resume

The first and the most primary step in the resume creation procedure is to mention the name of the applicant at the top of the page in uppercase letters followed by a precise and brief description just below it in lowercase letters. This should be followed by revealing his personal information like presenting age, contact number, mail address, and place of residence.

A summary that explains the applicant’s overall personality, features, abilities, problem-solving skills, strengths, and weaknesses can be included in a resume after the introduction. This short note can also be replaced by a paragraph that explains his objective in life and career. 

History of employment of the applicant can be added as the next subtitle if the applicant had had any work or intern experience in the past in any of the companies or startups. This is applicable for people who aim to switch jobs to avail better opportunities. The work accomplished by him/her in that working environment can also be made as inclusions in this place as they will act as highlight points for the employers to select them.

Each short paragraph or summary should be given an appropriate title as titles catch the employers’ attention to look more into what the applicant has done so far in his career. The way of presentation is as important as its content.

The next step is to mention the educational qualification. It is one of the most important steps in this process. It is usually written in reverse chronological order with the highest qualification at the top followed by the ones completed earlier. The name and place of the institution in which the person completed the course/study, the starting and ending years, the type of education, and the average percentage secured should be included in a non-elaborative bullet point format. The information provided should be crisp and to the point. 

A separate title can be allocated for the courses completed or certifications obtained relevant to the job description. This can enhance the chances of impressing the members of the selection board and getting selected as they try to believe that the applicant has acquired some extra knowledge to efficiently suit the post and fill the vacancy.

Another description of the accomplishments or honors received can also have a special mention. The medals secured, competitions participated, awards won, recognitions obtained, papers presented, talks given, performances made or any other laudable achievement is included in a few lines. An experienced applicant can also include his projects in this section.

General life skills like problem-solving abilities, leadership qualities, decision-making abilities, stress managing skills, etc are some of the very essential skills that every employee should have to be able to effectively work in a company. Other technical skills like coding abilities, web designing, wiring schematics, etc should also be mentioned. 

The languages are known by the applicant, his hobbies and interests are certain things that are worth an inclusion either at the last or somewhere after the self-description paragraph.

Precautions to be followed while doing a resume creation

One important precaution in the procedure of doing a resume creation is to check and recheck and verify that all the personal information given by the applicant is correct and free of errors. This is considered very important because the selection committee will not be able to contact the concerned person if his contact number or email id is incorrect which makes all the efforts go in vain.

The next thing is to ensure all the details disclosed by the applicant are completely true to his/her knowledge. Any conferred information about the applicant should not be false. A resume must be a foolproof representation of the applicant’s complete self. If the applicant is found guilty, the selection members shall not refrain from rejecting him altogether.

The third precaution the applicant has to consider is to ensure that his resume is not lengthy and elaborative. It should be precise. It should be short and crisp. Most of the companies and organizations recommend receiving resumes not exceeding one page. They feel that a one-page resume is easier for them to skim and scan through while being in the process of selection. 

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They also test the ability of the applicant to be able to precisely present the details. The usage of bullet points, short sentences, and short paragraphs is advised. In addition to special features, symbols are also worthy enough to be included but the applicants have to ensure they do not go overboard.

Every applicant can write a super impressive resume with all essential data by closely taking the steps and precautions mentioned above into consideration to present it well in an interview and reach greater heights.

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