Prevent the manipulation of hackers with Proguard

In this digital era, all the information stored in a device can accessible by hackers. An application that you install on your phone is prone to be the victim of any malicious software. 

Any cyberpunk can extract all your detailed information by manipulating the backend code of the application. It signifies that the apps are unprotected in front of IP larceny, application duplicates, and many more.

Frequent cybercrime has given a headache to the developers of the app. The developer tries to implant new techniques to make the back-end code more complex so that is not easy to crack. Hence, the developer tries to use an advanced mechanism like Proguard to intensify the complexity of the backend codes. 

What is the use of Proguard?

Proguard is a mechanism that benefits you with shrinking, optimizing, and obfuscating the application that runs based on JavaScript code. In total, the Proguard mechanism includes complexity in reverse engineering. 

It is essential to validate that Proguard is a mechanism used against the security of the application. It does not act like a medium that can add up to other security measures to strengthen security. Explore the intricacies of JavaScript through the JavaScript Tutorial to further understand its role in application development and security measures.

What are the characteristics of Proguard?

Proguard successfully benefits you with the following three properties

  • Minimising: – Minimizing refers is reducing the size of APKs of the file. Proguard can detect and remove the pristine variables, protocol, and a procedure from the application.

The minimizing of the application occurs in the following two steps.

1.Reducing code: – All the pristine codes, attributes, and classes get removed by the Proguard after the detection. This process helps in minimizing the code.

2.Minimising the resource: – All the excessive unwanted resource files get removed by the Proguard after being defected. This process helps in minimizing the size of the file.

  • Optimization: – All the replicated codes are deleted in this process from the application and its libraries. The instruction is improvised by reducing its size in this stage.
  • Obfuscation: – It involves a process that makes the protocol arduous to read and decode.  Any cyberpunk who got the access without your knowledge will not be able to crack the code skilfully. Obfuscation involves a process to conceal the originality of the protocol this makes the job of the hacker even more troublesome. 

Significance of Proguard.

  • Perfect identification: – Proguard is very beneficial in identifying the pristine code that can lay a negative impact on your application by reducing its performance.
  • Enhance the performance of the application: – The optimizing and minimizing property of Proguard can benefit your application with butter-like performance. 
  • Secures your application: – Proguard can safeguard your application from the attack of hackers. Since the obfuscation property of Proguard can make the backend code more complex so that it can be complicated for the hacker to decode it.


 It is essential to look for the security of the application. If the application is not protected from malicious attacks then any code manipulation can land you in real trouble. 

If you want to gain a piece of detailed knowledge about the procedure to protect the application then you can take the guidance of an expert like Appsealing. Appsealing can assist you with the best possible procedure to protect an application or website.

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