Presenting the 8day bookie

What is the name of the 8day brand?

8day Casino is the most popular online bookmaker at the moment. It is regarded as the world’s number one brand in its area. Furthermore, the bookie is regarded as a great playground for any participants, having over 1 million users around Asia.

The bookmaker has followed the code of “always be pretigious” to achieve these results. Furthermore, all accounts maintained by devoted gamers are always kept completely private. The 8dayclub Asia bookie aspires to provide their customers with the best possible experience.

Is the 8day bookie trustworthy?

PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) – Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation is the company that owns and operates 8day. This is a government-run body that oversees all betting-related operations and is directly overseen by the Philippines’ president.

Because the bookie’s headquarters are in the Philippines, all of their operations, including their server system, software, internet structure, customer support activities, and other associated services, are overseen by 8day and strictly monitored by the government of the host nation.

8day bookmaker can now boast that it is Asia’s premier entertainment firm in terms of quality and prominence, with millions of subscribers. To be more particular, they have always adhered to the credo SAFETY – TRANSPARENCY – FAIR, which is why it is Asia’s most well-known online entertainment brand.

What exactly is 8day?

Many gamers have commented that they frequently encounter names like 8day, 8dayclub, 8day Asia, and others and have puzzled what these names mean. Is there a connection between these bookmakers and 8day? Is it a rip-off of the 8day brand?

Don’t be alarmed; they are all various names for the same 8dayclub residence. And, in particular, 8day is well recognized as 8day’s official representative in the Vietnamese market.

8day is a huge bookie with a significant number of users, thus it has developed several access connections for clients to minimize server overload and to help consumers have a better connection without compromising the betting process.

As a result, whenever players visit the 8day home, the system will automatically route them to the most appropriate server. You may rest guaranteed that these are all the bookie’s official connections.

8day’s strongest attributes

8DAY has the most online players due to the best experience it can deliver. So, what are they exactly?

  • A user-friendly, intuitive, and simple-to-use website.
  • Simple to use and low-capacity phone app.
  • The personal information of players is kept fully secret.
  • Easy to use deposit/withdrawal system.
  • There is a lot of incentive to play: the more you play, the more money you earn.
  • Monthly and quarterly incentives for top performers; the best customer service will respond to all of your problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our priceless bonus programs

There are general 8DAY house marketing initiatives that apply to all players, as well as certain themes-specific promotions. Please read the regulations carefully in order to receive the appropriate prize.

  • Bonus of 38% for the next season (used for a two-month season)
  • Instant 100 percent bonus on first deposit
  • Instant 50% bonus on second deposit
  • 15% daily top-up
  • Epic prizes for the top 1 monthly top-up
  • Up to 0.9 percent sports cashback
  • 0.88 percent weekend sports rebate
  • 50 percent parlay bet refund
  • 0.25 percent lottery refund
  • 0.6 percent Baccarat rebate
  • 100% cashback for casual card games
  • 0.8 percent slot game cashback
  • Promotion of lucky sports betting tickets
  • A spectacular birthday gift offer
  • Bonus for consecutive cockfight triumphs
  • 0.25 percent cockfight refund

Is 8DAY a reliable company?

What qualities do you look for in a bookmaker?

Some players define prestige as:

  • Having a valid business license
  • Not having been involved in any scams
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals are supported via POTS.

If that’s what you’re looking for in a reliable bookmaker, 8DAY is the place to go.

To begin, 8DAY is a legally registered business in the Philippines, and it is acknowledged as a significant – high-quality – transparent playground by this agency.

Second, 8DAY invests in a customer information security policy and employs advanced encryption technology for all transactions between players and the house. We promise not to disclose any gamer data with anybody else, including the authorities.

Finally, 8DAY accepts a wide range of payment methods and is linked with a number of financial institutions. This site’s deposit and withdrawal procedures are extremely simple and rapid, needing no information verification or the provision of extra documents. The transaction will take between 10 to 30 minutes to complete and may be done at any time of day.


8DAY was created with the express purpose of offering a delightful and life-changing experience to each and every participant. When you play with us, all of the rewards are yours and yours alone.

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