Paradise Found - Why So Many World Travellers Hang Up Their Hiking Boots And Move To Thailand

Paradise Found – Why So Many World Travellers Hang Up Their Hiking Boots And Move To Thailand

Thailand is one of those truly special places that always leaves a lasting impression. Very few people who visit Thailand on their travels ever have a bad word to say about it. Certainly, Thailand isn’t perfect, nor is it not without its dangers, however, on the whole, it is one of the most magical tropical destinations in the world. So much so in fact, that many world travellers often fall in love and end up deciding to hang up their hiking boots and stay for good. But why is that? What is it about Thailand that is so attractive to expats?

The friendly, gentle-natured people

Again, every nation has their bad eggs, but on the whole, Thailand is home to some of the friendliest and accommodating people in the world. They don’t call it the “Land of Smiles” for no reason!

This is arguably one of the main reasons why so many people decide to stay in Thailand for good; because the warm and gentle natured locals are so wonderful to be around.

The magnificent, world-class cuisine

While Thai food certainly isn’t for everyone, any foodie will agree that Thai cuisine is among the finest in the world – hands down, no contest. Once you’ve experienced the delicious variety of Thai food—and at such an affordable price—it’s hard to imagine living anywhere else. They truly have perfected their recipes!

You can’t walk down the street in the UK and find a nice old lady cooking delicious noodle soup at the side of the road at 10pm at night for £1.00! Only in Thailand…

A magical cultural tapestry

Thailand has one of the most charming and magical cultures in the world. From their many glorious festivals such as Songkran and Loy Krathong, to the boundless gilded temples that lay scattered throughout the land – there’s something truly remarkable about life in Thailand.

The wonderfully low cost of living

Certainly, Thailand isn’t as cheap as it once was several decades ago, however, the cost of living is still comparably low to the majority of western countries. When you can buy houses for less than 2 million baht ($54,000 USD), it’s easy to understand why so many people decide to choose Thailand as their forever home!

Glorious tropical beaches and the weather to boot

If you haven’t visited one of Thailand’s many tropical islands, we urge you to go! Only then will you truly understand why Thailand has such a power over people. Fishtail palms swinging in the breeze over white-sand beaches and clear waters that sparkle under a tropical sun…there are no words that can truly do it justice.

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