Online Classes for High Schools: Where Do They Stand?

Online Classes for High Schools: Where Do They Stand?

There are many ways to take a class online and these classes are there for almost every level of education.

Some students take one or two classes online but reserve the majority of their class time in the traditional setting. Others take an equal stab at the two choices for a class to give their education some variance. Still, others take all of their classes online. For these students, there are 4 types of high schools available.

The Four Types of Online High Schools

The four types of online high schools are public, private, charter, and university-sponsored online high schools, according to Joseph Kirby in his article on

Public schools are like any public school in America. They are available to anyone who lives in the specified area and is of the age to attend high school. These schools will vary in their levels of excellence as much as the traditional public schools we are all used to.

Charter schools are, in most states, chartered through their local school districts and are, therefore, technically, public schools that must offer free education to anyone who is of the correct age living within its boundaries. The boundaries are set by the local school system. Most of these schools have an open enrollment policy. As long as you live within the preset boundaries and are of the correct age for the school, they cannot turn a student away based on race, sex, etc., or even educational ability.

Since they are chartered by the local school system, they receive government funds and therefore must operate under the same rules and regulations as does the public school as far as admittance policies are concerned. The level of education will vary with a charter school, primarily depending on what types of classes they offer for students who need help with essays. Of course, the level will seem lower if the school is focused on helping high school dropouts complete a diploma than if the school is primarily to better the education of the local honor students. These types of schools vary as much as the population does.

Private schools can be very expensive but usually offer a higher level of education. Because they can charge exorbitant fees, private schools can sometimes offer teachers who are more trained than the general selection of teachers at a public school. This is not to take away from public education, there are very good teachers in America’s public schools; however, the more trained teachers sometimes search for a higher income to pay school loans and, therefore, elect to teach in a private school setting.

University-sponsored schools are just that. The fees for these schools will vary from one to another and the quality of education will as well. However, because universities strive to keep an excellent reputation with the public, a high school sponsored by a university will usually present a higher quality of education. This has been mentioned more than once by experts of the reliable essay writing service in their research on the quality of online education topics.

Online Classes within a Traditional Public School System

Some school systems are beginning to offer online classes to those students who are enrolled with them to advance the opportunities within their said counties. For example, if there are 7 high schools within one county school system, one may be able to offer Latin as a Foreign Language class. Because of the county’s finances or the availability of the teachers, the county may be unable to hire 7 Latin teachers for their Foreign Language department; therefore, if they have one Latin teacher who teaches the class online, all 7 schools will be able to present the same educational opportunities to the students of the same county.

These classes could be taught in unison (with all the students being in the classroom and watching the online class at the same time) or individually (where all students would watch the class on their own). Of course, with the technological abilities of the 21st century, all students would have equal access to the teacher for questions or extra help.

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