Nine Killer Tips for Fat Loss That Will Astound You

Nine Killer Tips for Fat Loss That Will Astound You

The actual reason I despise being big is that obese people are unattractive; being fat is a mother of shyness; you believe that if you’re fat, you’ll never find a partner or lover; and everyone mocks you.

People who are overweight lack self-assurance. These feelings of insecurity, along with a bullsh*t attitude, have led me to believe that I despise being big.

First and foremost, if you are overweight, you must purge your mind of the picture that says, “If I’m fat, so what? I’m exceptional, and I’m confident.”

It would be best if you also instilled the idea that you are unique in your head.

This mentality can be implanted using the following method:

  • Affirmations
  • Visualization

All you have to do is visualize yourself as the fittest person on the planet on a daily basis and say it out loud with whole emotion. Forget about the people and what they think.

Make a flawless image of yourself in your head. This will provide you with the ability to deal with rejection.

You’re just like the rest of us, and being big is your specialty among us. You can confront rejection with this strong mentality.

The second stage is for you to begin working on yourself. Prove them all wrong by working out, eating healthy, and being physically powerful.

These two steps will transform your mind, life, and body.

#9 Deadly Suggestions for How to Deal with Being Fat

  1. Fruits and nuts should be carried.
  2. Take Small Steps
  3. Accept And Become Self-Assured (Don’t Be Shy)
  4. Answer them with assurance.
  5. Make a Joke About Yourself
  6. Participate in sports and other activities
  7. Dress in dark colours.
  8. Begin writing venomous remarks.
  9. Never Be Depressed – Always Be Happy

This idea will come in handy if you are hungry when out of the house. Carry nuts and fruits with you outside and eat them whenever you get hungry.

As a result, you’re avoiding the junk stuff that’s making you fat.

If you truly want to lose weight as quickly as possible, say no to junk food and yes to nuts and fruits.

Take Small Steps

Taking little steps entails making minor adjustments to your better lifestyle. Instead of taking the elevator, go for a walk.

If you don’t want to miss out on today’s ice cream, get up early and go for a 5-minute jog while sipping green tea.

Don’t be depressed; instead, begin taking little efforts toward better health and fitness. Don’t set lofty goals; instead, start modest and work your way up.

When you make significant adjustments, all of a sudden, your body resists and wants to return to the safe zone.

Accept And Become Self-Assured (Don’t Be Shy)

Accepting that you are overweight is the first step you must take. Accept the fact that I’m overweight, that I need to lose weight, and that I need to eat more healthily.

Make your insecurity into confidence by telling yourself, “OK, I’m fat, but I’m working on it, and I’ll get my fit figure.”

Don’t be self-conscious about your body; no one is flawless, and you must strive to improve on your previous achievements.

Answer them with assurance.

This is a suggestion for people who have received offensive comments about their bodies. Nothing can compare to these times, in my opinion.

However, you must be emotionally strong and confident in order to respond at this time.

Simply maintain a confident posture and respond, “I know, and I’m working on it, and I’ll get there.”

Make a Joke About Yourself

When people make fun of you, bully you, or make jokes about you, use this strategy. Make fun of yourself and join in with them in laughing at yourself.

They make fun of you because you hurt them; never give them the impression that you are insecure.

Participate in sports and other activities

Start partaking in a different form of outdoor exercise and make sports your buddy. This will assist you in losing weight while also boosting your confidence and making you feel content, joyful, and calm.

Dress in dark colors

It’s a trick you can employ if you don’t want to look much fatter and take your dressing seriously.

Wear dark-colored clothing that is well-fitting, not too big or too small, since this will make you appear fitter, then you are and increase your beauty.

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Begin writing venomous remarks

When I’m procrastinating on an exercise, I utilize this strategy to keep myself motivated.

What you need to do is keep a diary and write down both hateful and amusing comments that people make on your obesity.

Read their remarks whenever you feel demotivated or lethargic; it will drive you and charge you up for exercise because you have to prove yourself to the people who mock you.

This, in my opinion, is the most powerful source of rapid motivation.

Never Be Depressed – Always Be Happy

The final and most crucial piece of advice I can give you is to always be cheerful and never be depressed. Even though you are overweight, life is always enjoyable.

Be patient and joyful.

When you say, “I despise myself for being fat,” what will happen?

  • You’re making a mockery of yourself.
  • Self-esteem is negatively affected.
  • Your self-assurance has an impact.
  • You’ll be miserable.
  • You’ll develop shyness.
  • Guilty feeling
  • Feeling uneasy.


To summarise everything, we first examined why we believe I despise being obese.

The underlying reason for this attitude is that big people are unattractive; being large is a mother of shyness; you believe that if you are fat, you will never find a partner or lover and that everyone will make fun of you.

People who are overweight lack self-assurance.

Then I gave you #9 advice on dealing with being fat if you despise it.

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