Must-Have Filmmaking Software And Tools

Must-Have Filmmaking Software And Tools

Are you on the hunt for the best movie maker online? With almost 4.66 billion internet users around the world, it is no wonder why online video consumption is touching never-before-seen highs. The rapidly increasing content consumption has resulted in the internet being flooded with a vast pool of films. Now that internet users have ample choice at hand, producing top-notch movies is the only way to make a mark in the film industry. 

In today’s digitally forward era, leveraging the latest technology is a must for keeping abreast of competitors. However, the endless range of filmmaking software and tools online can baffle newbie creators. If you have been looking for tools to aid your filmmaking endeavors, you have luckily come to the right place. In this blog, we have categorized filmmaking software and tools into different sections to simplify the selection process.

Production Management

  • Movie Magic: Deemed one of the best production management software, Movie Magic can simplify budgeting greatly. Apart from helping you manage budgets, this movie maker can come in handy for creating production schedules as well. The intuitive dashboard of Movie magic makes it a perfect choice for inexperienced filmmakers. Above all, the insightful reports generated by Movie Magic can give you access to data that you can use for identifying trouble spots in budgeting. 
  • StudioBinder: StudioBinder is a cloud-based software equipped with a massive range of production management tools to make the filmmaking process fast and smooth. The software facilitates seamless communication with team members via its real-time comment collaboration facility. 

Thanks to the software’s multifunctionality, you can leverage StudioBinder to create storyboards, call sheets, screenplays, etc. This filmmaking software can save plenty of your valuable time as it excels at streamlining production workflow.


  • Writerduet: Writerduet is an excellent resource for budding filmmakers who want to win the world with their screenwriting prowess. This software is mainly leveraged for writing and editing movie scripts from scratch. It is available both as a paid version and a free trial which lets you write up to 3 full scripts. The best part is that Writerduet offers support for almost all industry-standard formats. Moreover, you can use this screenwriting tool to collaborate with others in real-time. 
  • Final Draft: Final Draft is another popular screenwriting software that is used by professional filmmakers and production companies across the world. The inbuilt reporting features of this screenwriting software can speed up your journey through the various stages of film production. You will not have to spend a single penny to get started with the Final Draft. The reason is that this screenwriting tool features a free trial period of 30 days.

Post Production

  • Kizoa: When it comes to making post-production changes to films, you cannot find a better tool than Kizoa for this purpose. With a movie maker online like Kizoa at your disposal, you can create awesome film content without experiencing any creative limitations. Packed with cutting-edge features, this tool is both a slideshow creator and a web-based video editor.

This online editing tool can be used for lending final touches to movies after the production is successfully completed. Kizoa allows filmmakers to enrich their movies with engaging texts, effects, photos, etc. You can even use this movie maker to add music to your films to facilitate maximum viewer engagement. 

  • Endcrawl: Having been used in notable productions like Icarus and Moonlight, Endcrawl is a cloud-based software that can help you do away with the stress of post-production. This tool is used to make closing credits displayed at the end of movies to familiarize the viewers with the cast and crew of the film. Surprising as it may sound, you do not need to hold a professional design degree to make end credits with this post-production tool.

Endcrawl is also great for tweaking columns and fixing typographical errors. Another great thing is that this software boasts swaths of slick templates which can be easily customized. Whether importing credits, installing fonts, or tweaking logos, you can sit back and leave all the heavy lifting to Endcrawl. 

Stock Footage

  • ArtGrid: Known for its smooth and user-friendly interface, Art Grid features an extensive catalog of copyright-free stock footage that can instill life and creativity into your films. You can take your time and browse through ArtGrid’s large footage selection. Once you are done exploring the footage gallery, you can pick the footage corresponding to your creative workflow.

The good news is that the subscription plans of ArtGrid will not take a toll on your pocket, owing to their affordable pricing. 


There is no denying that digital innovations have played a pivotal role in shaping filmmaking. Be it screenwriting methods or post-production processes, technology has revolutionized all facets of filmmaking. The digitalized age of filmmaking is nothing less than a boon for the modern generation of movie creators. However, the process of filmmaking can seem somewhat complex to beginners.

But you need not stress as utilization of the right filmmaking software can make things a lot simpler. Relying on feature-rich tools is a proven way to surpass the competition in the filmmaking world. So, make sure you leverage the aforementioned software and tools to take your filmmaking career to great heights.

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