Most accessible adventure tour and trekking destinations in Nepal

Most accessible adventure tour and trekking destinations in Nepal

Walking alongside the beautiful natural highways without headphones singing with the Chirping sound of Spiny Babbler has always been exciting. These so-called most accessible Trekking routes include all the ingredients for an enthusiast in a short period. Nepal tour and trekking are the most popular holiday activities for adventure lovers.

If you fear extreme altitudes and risky death zone pathways, Nepal also offers different beginner-level adventurous Trekking routes. These routes will teach you never to underestimate the minor-looking problems in your life.

The positive rays of spiritual energy that burst into your mind during these treks will impact your attitude. Burning Calories by hiking in green mountains and witnessing beautiful landscapes will be a magical feeling ever.

Nepal is full of long-term trekking destinations that anybody can afford financially. As the Hilly and Himalayan regions cover 83% of Nepali territory, Nepal needs to be your first-choice destination for any Trek. Even three days Trek will satisfy your adventurous dream. Small distant expeditions that are recognized as easy also provide all the flavors of typical Nepali Treks. Based on time-consuming, some major trekking routes fulfill all your expectations.

1.Baithali Village Trek

Baithali Village is beautifully placed on the edge of Kathmandu Valley, near Panauti. Baithali village is considered one of relaxing Trek for the short interval of 3-4 days. For a Nature lover, Nature photographer, and anyone trying to explore a typical Nepali village, this is the destination you are looking for.

Hiking on the first day for more than 3 hours will be enough for managing your body fitness. Baithali Village is also famous for Namo Buddha Stupa, where the visitor takes blessings. The natural scenery of the Mountains and Himalayas and cultural practices are the major highlights of the Trek. You will also get the opportunity to explore Newari villages and their practices. The pink bricks and carved wooden temples will also attract your attention.

  1. Ghandruk Trek

The Ghandruk Village lies on the lower Annapurna range, consuming only four days. The small hike to the village allows the spectacular views of the drive from Pokhara to Phedi. You are hiking alongside the slippery roads with excitement to kiss the Spectacular vision of snow-covered mountains. The indescribable sight of Hiunchuli and Machapuchare will take your adventurous Trek to the next level. Each day on the Trek includes 2..45 hours of the hike on the rural roads.

Ghandruk village highlights the beautiful Gurung community with unique cultural dance practices and traditional Gurung foods of 56 varieties of foods. In just four days, the highest altitude ends at 6365 feet from the sea level. You will be lucky to click photos with beautiful Rhododendron in Spring.

  1. Pikey Peak Trek

Everybody dreams of witnessing the World´s Highest Peak from their naked eyes. You would be intelligent enough to choose Pikey Peak trek to save time without reducing the experience. According to one of the world’s first Climber of MT. EVEREST, the view of Top of the world from this Pikey peak will always be his favorite sight of Mt Everest. The experience will be more adventurous when you hike four to nine hours a day. The relaxing part of the Trek is that many tea houses are seen in the way.

We are witnessing Mt. Everest, enjoying the view of Numbur Himal Range, and visiting popular Buddhist Monasteries, Gampas, and Stupas which are considered meditation places according to their ancient belief.

The exciting thing about the Trek is that you will feel proud to summit Pikey peak, from where you will be able to witness a 360° view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. In the natural aspects and the aspect of passion towards a wine of apples, tourists stop in Ringmo to celebrate their satisfaction.

  1. Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek is one of the most recommendable trekking routes in Nepal. The Trek introduces us to all the natural entities along with Tibetan Cultures. One of the most beautiful valleys globally, Langtang Valley offers 3798 meters of altitudes. The duration of the Trek will be ten days overall. The Sherpa and Tamang community people welcome with kind hospitality. You would be lucky to see extinct flora and fauna along with rare birds in the dense forest on the way.

The actual hike for the Trek is of 8 days reaching beautiful Langtang Village. The roads are pretty accessible, but snow-covered roads and the freezing temperature are a decision of death in the winter season.

Beautiful Glacier lakes and small rivers along natural hot springs in Pairo and many buddha stupas and spelled stones will remind you traveling into another world. The difficulty of the Trek is relatively easy as the height is less than 4000 meters which won’t affect that much altitude sickness. For any aged group healthy person, this Trek will be adventurous.

  1. Panchase Trek

This Trek is best for family trekking for a short time of four days. The trek package is value for money. The actual Trek begins from Pokhara with 4-6 hours of the daily hike along with dense orchid forest on the way.

We will get to observe Annapurna and Dhaulagiri from a close point. The Bundi, Panchase Bhamjyang, and Bhadaure villages will take your attention to the organic tradition of villagers. The kind-hearted villagers will allow you to spend a night in their homestay as well.

Nepal is a mine of the Himalayas and natural beauties. The level of adventure it provides is just outstanding. You will be 100% satisfied being part of a journey of a lifetime.

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