Mornsun: Service Enhancement

Users now prioritize performance, delivery, and service when buying power supplies. Mornsun has an annual production capacity of 150kk pieces, a 70% automation rate, and continual process and product innovation. In addition, Mornsun builds a technical service team, follows the “localization” development plan, and provides more efficient and easy one-stop services.

Informatization will allocate resources to skill. Mornsun has built R&D facilities in Xi’an, Wuhan, Changsha, and five other cities to create a coherent, creative, and friendly team. It helps talents go from centralization to localization, addresses their home problems, provides technology to different locations, and strongly supports front-line business. In addition, it provides “worry-free performance” by integrating technology into services.

Address User Concerns

R&D supports the rear, while marketing serves the front. Mornsun, a national industrial brand, listens to and addresses consumer demands from shallow to deep.

Mornsun takes consumer input through phone, official WeChat, website, and other channels.

Mornsun has 8 offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, etc., for rapid offline processing. In addition, a senior FAE staff provides power supply selection, solution application assistance, and local and neighboring T+4 hours service response.

Mornsun also prioritizes service uniformity and staff specialization. In addition, Mornsun’s service system has matured via marketing team training, enabling clients to experience local services and address current difficulties immediately.

Optimization, Customer Service Improvement

Ambitious companies thrive on trial and error. Mornsun will optimize the service model from breadth to depth in 2022 and expedite the transformation and upgrading of four marketing offices around “enthusiasm, correctness, speed, and perfection.”

The marketing office contains office, experimental, storage, and conference areas to simplify customer contact and collaboration.

Mornsun’s business strategy is to provide “worry-free power supply and one-stop power supply solutions” to consumers. Service guarantee. Mornsun’s service upgrading begins with introducing the four marketing offices and will extend countrywide to attain exact empowerment.

From exploration to development, experimentation to leadership, whether it’s a business system combining “research, production, and sales” or an ever-improving service system, Mornsun is developing its Chinese characteristics. Supportive peers!

Mornsun Cordially Invites You To Attend Electronica 2022.

Location: Trade Fair Center Messe München

Date: November 15–18, 2022

Booth: A4.142

Visit the Mornsun stand at electronica 2022 to learn more about Mornsun power supply solutions! Mornsun specializes in offering cutting-edge power supply solutions for diverse sectors. Our exhibit has one-of-a-kind things! We hope to see you by then!

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