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Every business owner is aware that temporary closures can happen to anyone. You might have experienced everything as a salon owner, from unforeseen maintenance to extensive COVID-19 closures. Thankfully, pandemics themselves are temporary. Your doors may reopen to the public one day. There is only one issue: You’re unsure how to draw customers back into the salon.

No matter what stage you’re in or even if your business is temporarily closed, things can always pick back up. Now is the time to talk to customers, update your marketing, and plan for your business to reopen. Now that you have the Maby app, Maby will help you develop plans to keep your current customers and attract new ones.

Many studies show that: Many old customers do not become loyal customers of a salon or a nail salon because there is no contact and interaction between the two sides.

With Maby’s features, you can ultimately retain old customers and attract new customers without spending any money.

– Automatic Reminders

Follow up with customers from the time of booking to reduce the number of times customers drop out. Increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction easily and quickly.

–  Send messages according to preset scenarios

There are many message scenarios or customized messages for each timeline to take care of customers in different stages and groups.

–  Automated customer care

The system will automatically take care of customers based on different criteria and keep a close relationship with customers by keeping track of birthdays, reminding customers to book an appointment for the next time, and asking for service quality feedback from clients….

–  Suggesting preferential programs for customers

The appointment scheduling optimization system will analyze and suggest appropriate incentive programs to increase revenue for the salon.

Additionally, Maby will likely use innovative location technology to locate “nail salons near me’’ that offer the most excellent service and costs.

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