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Wig is a kind of ornament with a long history. With the change and development of the times, wigs have changed from a symbol of identity to a fashion attribute decoration. For ordinary people, wigs can change their appearance and hairstyle in a short time, and will not be harmed in this process. For people suffering from baldness or hair loss due to cancer treatment, wigs can restore their original appearance, improve their self-confidence, and use them to integrate into society. In fact, wigs are good products both in terms of practicality and decoration. You can buy wigs for your own use, or you can buy wigs as gifts. This paper summarizes the guidelines for LUVME wigs, so as to provide reference for people who have never touched wigs.

What is LUVME

Before introducing wigs, let me introduce what LUVME is. LUVME is one of the most popular wig brands in North America. By 2022, LUVME has served more than 10 million black women and won their love and loyalty. In terms of human hair, LUVME is the best human hair wig supplier. If you need to buy human hair wigs, then LUVME will be a very reliable international choice. Because it serves customers in any region of the world.

What kind of wig you should try?

I will briefly introduce the wigs you should try in 3. These three kinds of wigs are relatively friendly for beginners and are worth buying. They are human hair wig with bangs, human hair frontal wigs and human hair headband wigs

Things about wigs with bangs

Wig with bangs refers to wigs with bangs. In terms of categories, wig with bangs includes woven bangs without lace wigs, closure wig with bangs, t part wig with bangs, front place wigs with bangs They have different advantages depending on the type. But as a novice, I suggest you buy the cheapest lace free woven bang wigs Although this wig has no lace, it still looks natural. Liu Hai can decorate your forehead well and cover up the hair cap on your forehead. More importantly, bangs can modify your face shape well, making you look more lovely and young.

Things about frontal wigs

Front wigs, also known as place front wigs It is one of the lace wigs. In the lace wig family, it is a cost-effective choice. If you need glueless wigs, you can try closing place wigs If you want more natural and functional lace wigs, you can buy 360 place wigs or full place wigs But if you consider the balance between price and functionality, front place wigs is your best choice. After purchasing the front place wigs, you will have a complete and natural hairline. However, it should be noted that you may need to purchase some special glue to assist the installation.

Things about headband wigs

Headband wigs are one kind of gel free wigs. In other words, the installation of headband wigs does not require glue, and the installation process is simple and convenient. Therefore, it is also one of the most suitable wigs for beginners. By purchasing headband wigs, you can get a very stable wig. It can support you to complete all kinds of strenuous exercises, and provide you with a stronger sports style. You can also get a more fashionable style by matching hair bands of different colors


The world of wigs is wonderful and diverse. This LUVME guide can provide you with the most basic introduction. If you need to know more about wigs, you can visit the official tutorial of LUVME. If you need to buy wigs, LUVME provides rich and high-quality human hair wigs.

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