Leather lingerie: tips for choosing from Obsessharness brand

There is a wonderful expression about women’s underwear: “Underwear is not necessary for sex, but it is useful for sexuality.”

There are a fantastic variety and variety of options for women’s underwear, but why, you ask, is leather leather harness women so necessary?

Why do women need leather underwear

But the truth is, it is underwear that gives a woman confidence in her irresistibility, brings notes of romance and eroticism, gives new sensations. Check it out for yourself, stand in front of the mirror in the sexiest lingerie set, what do you see? Your deportment has changed, the sparkle in your eyes has changed, and the thought has changed – and I’m still a very sexy thing.

Here is the answer to the question. Yes, it is lingerie kink that gives a woman confidence in her charms, which a man cannot resist. Here is the second answer: our, or rather male stereotypes that a woman in leather accessories looks like the goddess Athena, Diana, a vamp woman, you can enumerate a number of images, but the meaning is the same – this is a woman who wants to obey, fulfill her desires and satisfy any of her needs.

How to choose the right fit for your body shape

Women’s figures are different, each individual, and it also happens that the top and bottom of the sets do not suit you, like that. And some are embarrassed by small breasts or complexes about excess fat in the waist area. How many women have training for themselves, but how we all want to look sexy, desirable, bold and irresistible.

The choice of underwear made of leather helps to solve all these problems. Yes, this is not an option for every day, but for a special occasion, when you want to impress your partner and become a queen or a vamp, leather goods, belts, corsets and other things are simply irreplaceable. The secret is in the stereotype that a woman in leather is a predator, a winner, a queen or a goddess. We will not destroy this stereotype, but will try to use it for the right purposes.

In this case, you need to follow simple rules.

Rule 1. Choose models for a specific situation in which you will be. For example, women harness, leather garters, lingerie bondage, panties and bodysuits with cutouts in the crotch area, bikinis, open buttocks will add surprise and have a stunning effect on your partner, but you should understand that you should not go beyond the bedroom in such a set (you will not be able to sit on unhygienic surfaces, ride in transport, such as taxis). The option of garters, catsuits and a corset is also a spectacular thing, but if they do not have fasteners, then this will give you a lot of inconvenience.

Rule 2. Choose models for your body type. The rule “my friend liked it”, “I liked it from the catalog” does not always work. Often advertising photos are far from reality or the parameters of the model are not the same as your body. Garters and belts, garter belt set made of complex weaves and thin belts look beautiful on a slender body, while they will spoil curvy girls and add discomfort – the straps will pull the body, and you will already be thinking how to remove the set, and not how to charm your partner. So, on the contrary, bandages with wide belts and corsets look beautiful on busty ladies, giving more sexuality to the image.

At the same time, there are universal solutions that can decorate any woman: a simple leather set of bras and panties made of smooth leather without unnecessary details, crotchless panties, bunny bondage, harness for the whole body, the main thing is that the adjusting straps and buckles fit comfortably in the models, were convenient for unfastening. At the same time, it is important to correctly combine elements of sexy harness style so that your image is seductive and feminine, and not cheap and vulgar.

Rule 3. Buy sexy leather goods and harnesses from trusted stores, well-known brands. The active lifestyle and employment of most girls and women does not leave much time for shopping and small pleasures. We often do not have enough time for our own beauty and choice. Therefore, shopping in online stores has recently become popular. It’s comfortable and saves a lot of time. However, this frequently ends up in funny memes from the “expectation and reality” category. Either the manufacturer is deceiving by showing advertising photos of products that, when viewed in real terms, turn out to be of the wrong quality, or you yourself are mistaken with the size. However, leather accessories are a rare purchase, and underwear is not an everyday option. Therefore, if you fell for such a gift for yourself and your man, then you should not save on quality. After all, the result that you get by buying from a proven brand will justify your costs.

Where to buy high-quality leather underwear

We offer a huge selection of premium leather products for every taste and size.

Obsessharness.com gives a unique opportunity to purchase a set of harness lingerie both in a set and separately, combining in any way. The design of the models is such that it allows them to be harmoniously combined both with each other and with accessories in the form of bra harness, chokers, handcuffs, leg garter, bunny masks and other items used in BDSM. You can be completely sure that the product will fit you in size, because they make them manually based on individual body parameters for a perfect fit.

Leather belts are processed using a special multi-stage chambering technology, which allows you to make the edges of the products rounded and pleasant to the touch. Upon closer examination, you will see that a huge number of models are equipped with adjustable straps, which will provide you with comfortable wearing. This is very important when worn on a naked body, but many models you can wear over clothes or underwear.

The metal fittings are cast, of Italian quality, and the buckles are very durable for any kind of intensity of movement. These women’s harness lingerie will suit every girl who loves bold looks and is ready to experiment with her looks.

How to match leather lingerie correctly

  • Do not combine a leather harness outfit with other accessories (large chains and earrings, bracelets).
  • Do not abuse makeup, otherwise you will appear vulgar.
  • When wearing a leather belt or leather underwear, the rest of the clothing should not contrast with the image (do not overload with other details made of silk, cotton, sequins, rhinestones, etc.)
  • Clothing worn under leather underwear or harness should be discreet without large designs or embroidery.
  • Pastel colors and nude harness look great on dark girls, while bright juicy colors (brown, red, green, blue) look great on light skin, and the classic black version is considered a universal solution for all types of appearance and skin tones of ladies.

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