Know When It’s Safe to Answer the Phone

Know When It’s Safe to Answer the Phone:

There are various ways to find out who’s calling you, but they are mostly inefficient or require additional equipment. For example, if you want to know who’s calling you, you can activate the speaker mode of your phone, then call the number yourself. If it’s the same number, you will hear the ringtone. However, this method is inefficient, because you have to make the call yourself, then wait for a while, and then take the call manually. Also, if the number is chosen by an automatic dialer, then the call will still come despite you calling it.Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. You’re at your most vulnerable when you’re sleeping, and your smartphone is the perfect device to sneakily call, wake up and scare the pants off of you.The good folks over at Android Authority have discovered a simple way to find out who’s calling you before you even answer your phone.If you are using a mobile phone, you will have to receive many calls from people you know but may also receive calls from unknown numbers. If you are not aware of the fact that you are receiving a call from an unknown number, you might end up answering a phone call from a potentially dangerous person.Must read an article on who called me.

How to Get the Caller ID of an Unknown Number?

You can get the caller ID of an unknown number by using your existing Android phone or iPhone. If you have an Android phone, you can use Google Voice number which is a free call forwarding service provided by Google. The Google Voice can be used to get the caller ID even when you are not available to receive the call. It will identify the caller ID of the unknown number by using the Google Voice number. These are a few simple steps which can help you get the caller ID of an unknown caller.To get to know the caller ID of an unknown number, there is a site available on play store. You can use the findpeopleeasy site. This site is available on Google play store. This site helps you to get the caller ID of an unknown number, without answering the call or calling them back. All you need to do is, just download this site and then enter the number of the unknown caller.

Reduce Phone Harassment:

Many people have been victims of phone harassment, where the phone number is unknown and the caller is harassing you. The secret is to reduce phone harassment by knowing the identity of the caller without calling them back or receiving their call. You can easily know the identity of the caller by looking for the information on the cell phone.There are times when you don’t want to pick up the phone, but you would still like to know who’s calling you. Phone harassment can be anything from a telemarketer calling you to a stalker calling you.If you have an android phone, you can know who is calling you without answering the phone. This has to do with a feature called Call Log History. The Call Log History provides you with the details of all the calls you have made and received on your android phone and the caller ID information of the person who called you.If you are receiving a call from an unknown number and are worried about its legitimacy, you can take the help of Caller ID spoofing service to know who’s calling you without answering the call. A spoofed caller ID is a fake number that can be shown on a recipient’s caller ID, which is different from the actual phone number of the caller. These services provide you with a means to protect your identity and privacy while still being available to accept or reject a call.

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