Know About Hemp, Benefits, and Healthy Recipes

Know About Hemp, Benefits, and Healthy Recipes

Hemp is a cannabis Sativa plant species variety found in marijuana, without the THC intoxicating compound. It is enriched with amino acids and proteins that benefit the human body. This plant grows from the hemp seed and contains a minimal trace of THC at 0.3%. This is almost next to negligible and does not have any effect on the body.

Moreover, hemp is environmentally friendly and offers many health benefits. This is why hemp protein powder India is becoming a significantly popular superfood, undoubtedly for good reasons!

Do you wish to know how you can use hemp protein powder in drinks and food? We’re here to help you to let you know how you can pull in the benefits from this awesome plant, rich in essential nutrients for optimal health.

Before we proceed to the recipes, let’s know how Hemp benefits us.

Hemp is a rich source of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. This helps promote energy production while strengthening the immune system. Hemp also contains phytosterols which are cholesterol-fighting compounds. You can even find other easy-to-digest proteins such as albumin and edestin. With soluble and insoluble fiber, it is beneficial to the body to effectively help eliminate toxins through the loss of fat, contributing to a healthy balanced diet. And that is not all! Help is also packed with numerous other vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin B, and D3. You can also find Gamma Linolenic Acid that prevents and combats inflammation and PMS symptoms. This amazing product is completely free from allergens that might affect individuals who are intolerant to certain foods. The plant is completely free from gluten, sugar, lactose, nuts, and soy, making it safe and beneficial for everyone to consume.

Coming back to how you can use hemp protein powder in your food.

Uses of Hemp in Kitchen

If you spend most of the time in the kitchen, you will be glad to know that hemp protein powder is incredibly resourceful in the kitchen. You can add it to a range of recipes and make the most out of its nutrients.

Hemp Protein in Smoothies and Shakes

Though it is obvious that it is used in shakes and smoothies, there is a reason why people worldwide are mixing hemp protein powder into shakes. It is an easy and tasty way to make sure you’re getting a morning fix by mixing appropriate amounts of hemp protein powder in a smoothie along with fresh fruit and veg. Try our favorite smoothie bowl, but ensure to add the recommended scoops of hemp protein powder – so simple and delicious.

Hemp in Porridge

Porridge is everyone’s favorite winter warmer and is loved by all over the world for its slow release of energy. But how about getting some extra energy boost by mixing a tablespoon of hemp protein powder in with your oats? Complete this wholesome recipe by topping it off with honey and cinnamon.

Using Hemp Protein in Waffles

With hemp protein waffles, we’ve drifted away from breakfast and into the realm of brunch. So if you have some little extra time at the weekend, give the best vegan hemp protein powder a try and hemp waffles recipe a whirl. You can even serve some sweet potato and hemp waffles alongside soft-boiled eggs, avocado, and miso mushrooms, and this will fill your stomach completely. If you’re vegan just ditch the eggs and trust us, it’s equally appetizing.

Hemp in Cupcakes

Beyond the breakfast and brunch game, there are several other ways in which hemp protein can be used to boost your favorite baked treats. Take cupcakes, for example, infused with tons of dates, cashew caramel, and vegan cream cheese. These cupcakes are indeed a perfect hemp protein powder recipe.

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