It is not advised that you utilize this Elden Ring item as a melee weapon

The Treespear begins with a respectable 122 base physical damage and has the potential to reach a maximum of 298 damage after receiving all available upgrades. Treespear’s initial physical damage is respectable. There are not that many weapons in Elden Ring that have the potential to deal this much damage at close range. When fully upgraded, the Treespear is capable of dealing a minimum of 79 holy damage and a maximum of 193 holy damage once it has reached its maximum potential. Because of its potential and its high damage-dealing capabilities, you should not pass up the opportunity to acquire Treespear if you ever have the chance to do so. It is one of the most powerful Faith Scaling weapons that are currently available.

The scaling of D on the Treespear is the same regardless of whether you have a higher Strength, Dexterity, or Faith rating. If you want to get the great attack stats that come with this weapon in addition to the good damage increase that comes with it, you need to make sure that your character has high Faith attributes. If you want to go for a Faith build, this is especially important to keep in mind. You will require 15 Strength, 22 Dexterity, and 18 Faith in order to equip Elden Ring Legendary Gears properly.

The Cipher Pata is a weapon that was developed specifically for use by Faith-based builds due to its high holy damage output. It was designed to be used by these types of builds. It is not advised that you utilize this item as a melee weapon due to the fact that it does not inflict any kind of physical damage. Cipher Pata would work extremely well against foes that are susceptible to holy damage, such as creatures that are undead. This is due to the fact that the undead is not immune to this type of damage. Holy damage would be dealt at an extremely high rate by the weapon skill in question, regardless of whether or not the foe was protected by a shield. You can find Cipher Pata in the Roundtable Stronghold, which is close to the region that is being overrun by the Mad Tongue Alberich.

The Cipher Pata is only recommended for use as a weapon for your Faith build because it deals an exceptionally high amount of holy damage even at its starting level (85), which can be increased all the way up to 208 after it has been fully upgraded. The staggering amount of holy damage has the potential to quickly and easily destroy any foes in its path. It is not a good option for melee builds because Cipher Pata’s attack stats do not include any physical damage. Melee builds require a weapon that deals physical damage.

Because Faith is the only factor considered in determining how this weapon scales its damage, Cipher Pata is a weapon that cannot be used with any other build. This is because Faith is the only factor taken into consideration when determining how this weapon scales its damage. The adversaries take a significantly greater amount of holy damage as a result of the weapon’s excellent faith scaling of C, which results in a significant increase in the total amount of damage dealt. Elden Ring believes that this weapon has one of the best scalings available for the Faith stat because of its capacity to deal a significant amount of damage. This is because of the fact that this weapon can deal a significant amount of damage.

When used strategically against bosses, particularly in the later stages of the game, the formidable Black Axe that the Gargoyle brandishes is a weapon that can be of great benefit to the player. This Greataxe has the potential to inflict a sizeable amount of damage, both holy and physical, on its targets. Because the weapon skill War Cry has the ability to temporarily boost your attack, the potential for the Gargoyle’s Black Axe to deal damage could be increased even further. Because of this, players would have an easier time defeating enemies and bosses. You will lose about 16 experience points whenever you use the weapon skill. You will be able to retrieve the Black Axe of the Gargoyle from the mountaintops of the Giant once you have defeated the Black Blade Kindred.

The body as well as holy targets take a significant amount of initial damage from the weapon. The weapon already has a tremendously high physical damage of 100, and this number has the potential to increase all the way up to 245 after it has been upgraded to its maximum potential. As a consequence of this, it might be an excellent choice for melee builds. This damage can skyrocket all the way up to 294 if the upgrade level is maxed out, and it can decimate a wide variety of foes and bosses thanks to the high base holy damage of the weapon, which is 120. In spite of the fact that elden ring weapon tier list makes combat more challenging, it is possible for your character to become more dangerous as a result of the significant holy and physical damage that it inflicts, and as a consequence, you will have an easier time killing adversaries.

As a result of the fact that its damage increases proportionally with the user’s Strength and Faith, the Gargoyle’s Black Axe is an excellent option for builds that prioritize either of these two stats. This can significantly improve the attack, as the scaling for the damage is D, and it varies depending on the strength and faith attributes. On top of that, the weapon has a minor dexterity scaling of E, which can be used to one’s advantage if one so chooses. If you use a Faith build as part of your playstyle, putting your focus on the Faith attribute will allow you to deal more damage to your opponents. This is only the case if you put your focus on the Faith attribute. You will need a score of 22 on the Faith stat, a score of 24 on the Strength stat, and a score of 8 on the Dexterity stat in order to effectively wield this weapon.

The Black Knife is an excellent option for Faith builds because of its adaptable capability to deal damage in a variety of different ways. In close-quarters combat, the weapon is very effective at inflicting both physical and spiritual damage on the foes it faces, making it a very versatile piece of equipment. Daggers are small, lightweight weapons that can deal significant damage to their adversaries in a short amount of time and have a limited range. Daggers have the ability to shred opponents. The Black Knife is a fantastic option for a weapon to have at your disposal if your playstyle is geared toward engaging in close-quarters combat. It will cost you 25 FP to learn the blade of death weapon skill, but it has the potential to deal a significant amount of damage when it fires a projectile from the weapon. If the enemies are hit by this projectile, their health will gradually decrease over the course of the battle if they were hit. You will be able to acquire the Black Knife once you have defeated the Black Knife Assasin in Sainted’ Hero’s grave, which is located on the Atlus Plateau. The Black Knife Assasin can be found in Sainted’ Hero’s grave.

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