Instructions for accessing Kubet when blocked

Kubet, as well as other bookmakers, often encounters the situation of blocked links. There are many bookmakers who do not know how to handle it and then have to shut down the whole system. Luckily, in Kubet, it’s not a big problem. Let’s me show you why. Kubet

 In fact, there are many reasons for the case of the website address is blocked. So at first, you need to find out the exact cause of the problem. It could be the unstability of your network, the blockage of anti-virus softwares or something else. Once you have detected the matter, we will show you how to access the unblocked Kubet link. Believe me, this have helped a lot of players to be less confused when encountering this situation and get rid of it successfully.

Reasons for being blocked when accessing Kubet

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why you cannot access Kubet8 us, including both subjective and objective reasons. Some of the most common causes that you might encounter are:

Locked website

This is the most common cause that you could regularly encounter. Not only Kubet, but also other bookmakers are often locked by network operators and players are always confused when they cannot access to the website. However, this is not a big deal at all. Usually, the problem will be fixed after a certain period of time and will be enhanced for your gaming experience after that.

Overloaded system

To the big bookies like Kubet, they always have a strong attraction for betting enthusiasts. So there is a chance that many players will log in at the same time of the day and all of them will meet the delayed period. This is because of the server is overloaded by the huge amount of data and they have to automatically shut down. That’s the reason behind the situation of blocked link.

To solve this, the server must be turned on again and should be accessible for all players. This must be done by the cooperation of players and the bookie. To players, please turn off all unnecessary tabs and wait a couple of minute after trying to access the system again.


Changed access link

This is also one of the reasons that you will easily encounter. The matter will happen when players do not update the new access link in time. This is a common occurrence at online bookies because we are always being scanned by the law enforcement department. So, after a certain period of time, Kubet will change its access address to prevent of being tracked down. If you have not yet being informed about the current situation and prepare for the new link, you will encounter the situation of being unable to access the website.

Unstable Internet connection

The Internet connection quality is different between regions in the world. So it could be strong in your work place but be weaken when you get home. This depends mostly on the place you making the connection and the amount money you pay for the home network. So, to deal with this problem, you have to choose a good network connection or else you will not to be able to play the game comfortably and happily. And don’t forget to check the internet status right before you access the game portal.

There may also be other subjective reasons such as your computer being infected with a virus, entering the wrong link, related to hank software and so on. But you don’t need to worry too much, we will guide you how to handle these problems right away in the following part. Let’s stay tuned to the end!

Instructions to access to Kubet website when blocked

In here, we will demonstrate some ways for people to fix the bad conditions. We hope that after reading this, our players will no longer meet the blocked situation and have the best experience with us. Please refer to the content below.

Changing the IP address

The bookies in Vietnam often face the situation of being stopped by big network providers. So if you are Vietnamese player and cannot access the website, you can completely change the foreign network IP to be able to log in easily.

This is the most effective way for players not only in Vietnam but also from other areas. There are a few steps as followed.

Step 1: Go to “Control Panel” on your computer and select “Network and Internet”

Step 2: Select “Network Center” and click “Next”.

Step 3: Click on “Change adapter settings” and select “Ethernet and properties”.

Step 4: When the computer screen is changed to the “Internet Protocol version”, click “Properties”. Now you can change your computer’s IP address easily. Please visit Kubet again for the list of available address that you can use!

If you are using a mobile phone, the steps are pretty much the same as on a computer. With iOS, please visit the app store to change the IP address. With Android, you need to download a program to change DNS to make the process easier and faster.

Using fake IP software

Similar to the method above, using fake IP softwares will give you the same result but with a faster speed. By going through a 3rd party software to create fake IP, you are not only able to connect to Kubet but also any website blocked by the network providers. Some software may be popularly known as: Vietpn, OpenVpn and so on. You can find the download link at online searching sites like Googles, Bing, Baidu…

Use Kubet’s fallback links

Please don’t be so worry when you have done everything right but still cannot access the betting websites. We will show you the unblocked Kubet link (also known as the backup link) from our fanpage and facebook group. Be aware that the Kubet bookie always provides a backup link for loyal members to prevent unexpected incidents. We always try our utmost to help players have their best and uninterrupted experience.


Kubet is an trustful entertainment playground and a leading bookmaker in Vietnamese market with a large number of players increasing gradually. When playing with Kubet, your rights and benefits are beyond everything and there is no bookmaker can compare with us.

In this topic, we have provided you several ways to access the Kubet website without being blocked so that you can participate immediately and enjoy your betting games in the best way you could imagine. We wish our members a lot of luck and fun!


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