importance of physiotherapy treatment in nowadays

importance of physiotherapy treatment in nowadays


Physical therapy is also called PT. This is a way of curing masses affected by injury, illness, health and disability. This therapy helps us to treat many health conditions and also helps us recover faster.

Physiotherapists had a World Physiotherapy Organization which represents them worldwide and sets the pathway to move the profession forward, to enhance health and welfare widely.

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What is physiotherapy?

when deciding on an oxnard chiropractor, remember that physiotherapy is a therapy it’s also called PT its helps us restore movement and function when anyone is have injury, illness or disability. Firstly physiotherapists try to understand about patient injury and diagnose all the disorders related to movement. After that physiotherapy, they guide to patient to perform some physio exercises which will offer the patient relief from the pain or discomfort caused by the injury.

Benefit from physical therapy

  • Pain management
  • Improved movement
  • Recuperation from stroke or paralysis
  • Manage age related medical problems
  • Women’s health

1. Pain management

Physiotherapy is the result of not only relief but recovery from your pain, physical therapy can maintain health for people of all ages and help the cases to manage pain and help conditions.

2. Improved movement

Movement is defined as the act or process of moving people or effects from one place or position to another. Our bodies are made upon movement and exercise.As our musculoskeletal system is made up with multiple parts that allow us mobility and balance.

3. Recuperation from stroke or paralysis

Physiotherapy is best for stroke; this is one of the most effective cures. The part of physical therapy in curing a stroke patient is immense. Most importantly, the physical therapy sessions aimed at the recovery of these patients, are concentrated on strengthening their branches and enabling them to make movements again.

A study conducted by Leigh Hale in 2013, shows that physical therapy treatment of patients helps them recover quickly when compared to the medical center based treatment.

4. Manage age related medical problems

Physiotherapy is the best way to treat age-related many problems, like joint problems, pain and stiffness etc. Physiotherapy, including specialized methods similar to aged physical therapy, can enhance the quality of life of aged individualities. Exercises can be tutored that increase mobility and inflexibility,

Physical therapy has improved mental and emotional health in older people. Some health problems like social difficulties sleep problems.

Older adults may suffer from a range of issues, including arthritis, back pain, common pain, muscle stiffness, ligament damage, inflammation, and lack of mobility. There are hundreds of issues related to growing up that can be prevented, treated, or managed by physical therapy.

5. Women’s Health

Women’s health or pelvic bottom physical therapy generally addresses women’s issues related to the female reproductive system, childbirth, and post-partum. These conditions include lymph edema, osteoporosis, pelvic pain, antenatal and post-partum ages, and urinary incontinence.

Types of Physiotherapy

  • Geriatric physical therapy
  • Orthopedic physical therapy
  • Wound care therapy
  • Sports Physical Therapy
  • Pediatric Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists Vs Chiropractors

Physical Therapists:

A physical therapist may also treat some spinal problems, but physical therapists may not treat treatment the same way. They offer exercises that slowly improve range of motion and strength to help treat your pain.


However, also a chiropractor may be the smart route for you to take, If you have an acute problem with your back or neck.


There are many benefits of physiotherapy, whether it is for the elderly or for women. This therapy is very beneficial for most people. Physiotherapy helped us thousands of years ago to treat dysfunctions and disabilities. Even present time messages are considered to be physical therapy

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