How to Use Animated Icons to Boost Your Website or Mobile App

How to Use Animated Icons to Boost Your Website or Mobile App

To optimize your website for mobile or desktop, you can use animated icons to stand out from the crowd, or as a part of a page design or responsive design. Animated icons are usually found on the top right of a webpage, and are commonly used as links to social media or open links to outside sites, usually on a desktop computer or in the browser tab of a mobile device.

In addition to looking nice, animated icons can be used for help and navigation on websites and mobile apps, so there are many reasons to add them to your next design.

What are animated icons?

The best thing about animated icons is that they are easy to work with and place in multiple places without compromising functionality. These icons tend to be square, but you can put them in any shape or form. All you need to do is make sure the shape you use is an effective way to represent the entity you are trying to display. For example, a square shape may be most appropriate for an eCommerce site, whereas an arrow shape could be used for a travel or sports site.

To make your design simple and easy to use, the icon that you use needs to be legible. When it comes to icons, the word legibility can be quite a broad topic. In this case, we’re talking about being able to see an animated icon when it is hovering or in a fixed position, rather than when it is in motion. You want to be able to make out the shape of the icon so that you can get a visual indication of what it represents, not just what it looks like. To make the icon legible, try to use rounded corners or bevel edges.

How to Create Animated Icons

You can do some pretty amazing things with just a few clicks using an icon animator that uses the SVG format. An SVG file is a simple image file that can be loaded into the computer and used to create icons, text, and other graphics.

The first thing you will need to do is import your SVG icons into an icon animator. The icon of the product you want to display can be a rounded square or bezier shape, but you can also choose to make your icon square. You can then pick a particular animation effect or more, to create the desired movable icon. 

Next, all you have to do is add the animated icon to your website or mobile app. You’ll have to make sure the file type has been set to SVG, and ensure that the icon has the icon description and description attributes set. 

Benefits of Using Animated Icons

Once you know how to use animated icons, it’s an incredible way to get people interested in your products and make them want to engage with you. This is also an excellent way to brand your websites and apps. In fact, animated icons have a lot of advantages over static icons.

Since they are animated, they are almost always responsive. If you want to create a dynamic animation that moves across a webpage or mobile app, then you will need to add a CSS element to your site or mobile app. With animated icons, the most you will have to do is add a small code snippet to your website or mobile app.

Animated icons allow you to create an identifiable brand and make it easy to use on your website and mobile app. This makes it simple for users to locate the product you’re trying to promote.

Another benefit of using an animated icon is that it allows you to express creativity. This is especially true if you are working on a website with a lot of different pages and need to add some

lighthearted content to each one. You can easily create an animated icon that changes color or position, depending on the content on each page.

Icon designers use SVG formats so that you can easily reuse and repurpose them. You can easily keep them in a convenient folder on your computer so that you don’t need to re-upload your icons or rearrange them each time you publish new content. You’ll find that SVG icons work well in more than just a web design, as a number of apps and websites use SVG to display logo animations.

Hopefully, you’ve found a good balance between simplicity and legibility. If you’re interested in creating a lot of mobile and web applications with SVG icons, then I recommend that you get some support or hire a designer who can help you with this.


In today’s world, it’s not always easy to get attention from your target market, whether that is a person or a brand. Animated icons can be a great way to break up the static website and make it a little more engaging.

I hope you find this series of articles helpful, and I would love to hear your thoughts. If you know of any other ways you have seen or used SVG to promote your products or services, then I would love to hear them. You can send me a comment.

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