How to easily set a new hosting

How to easily set a new hosting

Traditionally self-hosting was complicated and bulky, but today there are ample options to self-host your apps and various online projects. VPS or Virtual Private Server offers one of the easiest ways. Anonymous VPS is a hosting plan that won’t require any personal details. Anonymous hosting fees are payable by bitcoin.

This article will show you how to easily set Virtual Private Server in a few clicks. Moreover, we will focus on an anonymous hosting plan that won’t require any private information.

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a new online project or planning to migrate to a new hosting solution. You can set a new anonymous VPS hosting plan in a few steps.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting offers access to rentable virtual machines (VMs) that act as if they were each a unique physical server.

VPS uses a virtual layer on top of the server’s operating system (OS) thanks to virtualization technology. This virtual layer divides the server into partitions and allows users to install their own OS and software. VPS hosting service simulates a dedicated server within a shared server environment. Even if it acts like a physical server, in reality, it’s software that’s emulating a dedicated server. With anonymous VPS, you’ll get full root access to the server, giving you the freedom to install any compatible applications and make any environmental changes.

Therefore, VPS hosting is entirely virtual and private because you have complete control.

Why to choose anonymous hosting

The most apparent reason to choose an anonymous hosting service is privacy. Hardly anyone wants to disclose personal information about themselves or be associated with his or her online data.

When signing up for an anonymous hosting plan, you only need a valid email address. There is no need to provide any bill slips, ID, and no verification is required. Sign up for anonymous VPS just in a few clicks.

The next step is to top up your credit and choose the hosting plan that suits you the most. Anonymous hosting offered by accepts only crypto payments via cryptocurrency bitcoin. Thanks to anonymous payments, your personally identifiable information won’t get revealed at all.

Cryptocurrency is both entirely anonymous, but as well fully transparent, and trackable. Sending and receiving bitcoin is like writing under a pseudonym. If this pseudonym is ever linked to your real identity, everything you have ever written under this pseudonym will be linked to you. Generally, all bitcoin addresses are ‘anonymous,’ but bitcoin loses its privacy in that second when BTC address is linked to a real-world identity. So be careful and never reveal your BTC wallet details to anyone.

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Choosing the best hosting plan depends on the nature of your online project. It won’t matter if you are looking for anonymous blog or website hosting, anonymous video hosting, or for a complete hosting solution. Anonymous VPS offers hosting plans for any online project. Usually, you get to choose from three basic models.

Standard VPS offers virtual machines (VMs) with a healthful amount of memory ready to host and scale apps like blogs, websites, testing and staging environments, in-memory caching, and databases. These plans range from 1GB to 16GB RAM, from 25 to 320 GB SSD, 1 to 6 vCPUs, and transfer from 1TB to 6TB.

General-purpose VPS is ideal for many mainstream or production workloads, including web applications, e-commerce sites, medium-sized databases, and enterprise applications.

CPU-optimized VPS plans are ideal for workloads that heavily rely on CPU Tuned for CPU-intensive applications like CI/CD, video encoding, machine learning, ad serving, batch processing, and active front-end web servers.

Once you have chosen your anonymous hosting plan and toped up your balance, you are ready to go. However, to stay anonymous and secure, setting your SSH key is advisable.

The Secure Shell Protocol (or SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol that allows users to access a remote computer over an unsecured network securely. Find out more about how to set up SSH Keys on VPS.

Anonymous VPS offers users privacy strengthening features and help them to protect their privacy. Suppose you are just starting with your online project, or your existing business is rapidly expanding, and you need better privacy and performance. In both cases, anonymous VPS is the ideal solution for you.

Anonymous VPS provided by is the best way to get an anonymous and secure hosting plan at an unmatched price.


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